The plot of Shadowhunters truly got underway last week, but now, in Shadowhunters episode 4, titled “Raising Hell,” we’ll see the repercussions of these big changes. The episode airs tonight, so if you still need to catch up, you’re going to want to find the previous episodes to watch online as soon as you can!

Last episode was Clary’s first operation as a Shadowhunter, in which the team made an attempt to rescue Simon from a group of vampires led by Camille Belcourt. While they successfully retrieve Clary’s best friend, all signs indicate that he’s on the cusp of becoming a vampire himself! The success of the operation also came about because of Isabelle getting help from Meliorn, who she knows from Seelie, in the form of intel about the vampires’ base, Hotel DuMort. Things also began heating up between Clary and Jace, much to the joy of series fans.

Shadowhunters episode 4 will potentially put a sudden stop to the budding relationship, as Clary is put between Simon and Jace, who have differing opinions on what is in her best interests—while Simon, who we’ll know if he’s becoming a vampire or not, wants her to flee with him, Jace argues that she’s safer with them. Meanwhile, the team also gets a hint about who is to blame for Clary’s memory wipe, leading them to search for Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, who is in hiding. Using a party and “something very valuable” to grab his attention, the plan may be damaged due to the team’s mental state.


For those who have read the books and think they know it all, the staff has already made it clear that the TV series will feature book differences to keep fans on their toes; in this episode’s case, the party will see a big revision, as will Magnus’ role in it. To find out what that means for the characters, be sure to catch Shadowhunters episode 4, “Raising Hell,” tonight at 9/8c on Freeform!

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