Credits: Instagram/arianagrande

Won’t we be interested in listening to Ariana Grande in another one of a kind collaboration? This time the pop diva has collaborated with the superstar rapper Lil Wayne in an all-new song from her Dangerous Woman album. “Let Me Love You” is the new Ariana Grande song that features Lil Wayne throwing some lively rap verses as the singer sets the mood with her voice. So, you’ll have to read the “Let Me Love You” lyrics for Lil Wayne’s flirty verses while Grande hypnotizes her “lovers” in this new song.

It’s a delight to hear Ariana Grande’s new song as the young pop starlet is now promising to rock the music charts with her upcoming 2016 album Dangerous Woman. With the album’s title track already released, Grande has just released her new song “Let Me Love You” in which she has collaborated with rapper Lil Wayne for the very first time, and their teamwork is sounding really great.

Ariana Grande’s “Let Me Love You” also marks Lil Wayne’s new song for 2016. Listen to “Let Me Love You” to hear Grande set the “loving” mood as Lil Wayne raps to some amazing verses. Read “Let Me Love You” lyrics at while listening to Ariana Grande and Lil Wayne’s new track below!