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It is time to download Views From The 6, Drake’s new album, as it has just been released on iTunes. It’s the end of our longing for getting ourselves a copy of Drake’s Views album. Drake’s Views From The 6 is now on iTunes, which means we can listen to all of Drake’s new songs, including “Keep the Family Close.” So, listen to this new Drake song of 2016 and find out what he’s saying by reading the “Keep the Family Close” lyrics below.

With Drake’s Views From The 6 released on iTunes, you can now stream the “Keep the Family Close” song and the other new tracks from the rapper. While checking out previews of the songs from Drake’s fourth studio album, you’ll be tempted to download the whole album from iTunes. So, go ahead download the digital copy of Drake’s Views From The 6 album and tune into its first track, “Keep the Family Close.”

Drake’s “Keep the Family Close” song is the rapper’s experience with his own family. The song’s about his trust issues with so-called friends and how he wishes his family was much closer. Drake raps about how family will never betray him even if friends do.

Drake has been following his words from the song by staying always close to his mother, Sandi. Drake’s Instagram shared photos of some fun times the 29-year-old rapper spent with his mom in Canada. So, read the “Keep the Family Close” lyrics at!

Drake’s Instagram shared a video for announcing release of his Views album on iTunes.

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