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Finally a sigh of relief to fans who just can’t wait to listen to Drake’s new songs. Drake’s “Pop Style” song from his upcoming 2016 album Views from the 6 has officially been released on iTunes. Even though the song is not yet on Spotify for live streaming, people who’ve already downloaded it from iTunes may want to read Drake’s “Pop Style” lyrics while listening to it. Drake tweeted about the release of his new song “Pop Style” just hours ago.

Before you read them, let’s get to know Drake’s new song in detail. “Pop Style” is the officially released new song from Drake in 2016, and it’s been available on iTunes along with one more new song called “One Dance.” “Pop Style” is part of the rapper’s upcoming album Views from the 6, which will be released this month. And, the term “Pop Style” is essentially a Jamaican slang for showing off.

Drake’s “Pop Style” is not a bad song to tease what to expect in Views from the 6. In fact, the best surprise comes with “Pop Style” as Drake has collaborated with Kanye West and Jay Z for the first time. Drake’s “Pop Style” features Kanye West and Jay Z spitting verses together as a rap-duo called “The Throne.” Raps from “Pop Style” contain hilarious jibes as Drake goes namedropping Channing Tatum and Justin Timberlake in funny ways. But, before digging deep into the meaning of the “Pop Style” lyrics, buy Drake’s new song on iTunes and listen to it while reading the lyrics at!