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Spring 2016 has just gotten better with this all-new J.T. song! A few hours ago, Justin Timberlake released a new song called “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” which is from the soundtrack of his upcoming movie Trolls. Justin Timberlake’s new song, “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” was released on iTunes on the early hours of May 6. It’s the original song and theme of Trolls, a DreamWorks Animation movie, due to be released in November. So, take a look at these “Can’t Stop The Feeling” lyrics below to learn the cool verses of Justin Timberlake’s new dance song. And, see him dance to it by watching the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” video online!

“Can’t Stop The Feeling” is Justin Timberlake’s first released song of 2016 as the singer has recently been busy with the Trolls movie. Reading Justin Timberlake’s new song lyrics makes you remember the time when he released his debut hit “Rock Your Body” in 2002. Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling” song has got a great vibe and you feel like stepping up and dancing. Listening “Can’t Stop The Feeling” makes your day brighter and you feel glad that J.T’.s sweet vocals bring the sunshine! And, it’s Justin Timberlake’s amazing verses from the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” lyrics that out the better side in you.

People were already getting ready once they knew that Justin Timberlake’s new single was going to drop on May 5. Now that it has, you can download Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling” song on iTunes. Timberlake has also released the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” music video on YouTube. As you watch the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” video below, you will see Justin Timberlake dance freely in his recording studio. With the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” song playing in the back, J.T. busts some cool moves while a bunch of his castmates join him dancing in the studio. Justin Timberlake is seen dancing with common folks, which is great way to show the random people’s initial reaction  to his “Can’t Stop The Feeling” song. And, the song turns out to be so catchy that by the end of the first verse, everyone’s already getting the hang of the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” lyrics.

The “Can’t Stop The Feeling” video also shows cast members of Trolls movie show their own moves to the song. For those who don’t know, the 35-year-old pop star is part of DreamWorks’ Trolls movie and has lent his voice for the character Branch. Joining Timberlake in the Trolls cast is actress Anna Kendrick (Princess Poppy), pop diva Gwen Stefani (DJ Suki), The Big Bang Theory star Kunal Nayyar (Guy Diamond), comedian Ron Funches (Cooper), and the Late Late Show host James Corden (Biggie). You will see all of them dance non-stop to this “feeling” from Justin Timberlake’s new song. The song is a great way to kick-start the promotion of DreamWorks Animation Trolls, which will be released on Novemeber 4, 2016.

Watch the “Can’t Stop The Feeling” video below and see for yourself. And, while you listen to Justin Timberlake’s new song, you may want to read these “Can’t Stop The Feeling” lyrics at!