Chance The Rapper has just dropped a whole new bunch of awesome songs, making 2016 even more enjoyable! Coloring Book is the third studio album released by Chance The Rapper, and it is also out as a mixtape called Chance 3. After its release on May 12 (yesterday), hip hop lovers have been busy downloading Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book album from iTunes. Listening to Chance The Rapper’s new album, we are taken aback by this weird track that’s right at the beginning of the tracklist. Featuring Kanye West and Chicago Children’s Choir, the “All We Got” song has redefined Chance The Rapper’s style of music. Taking a look at the  “All We Got” lyrics helped us see that the rapper has conveyed his love for music (in general) in the wisest way possible.

Chance The Rapper and Kanye West have collaborated on several songs in the past. They have produced music together and have even written raps for each other as well. After working with Kanye on his “Ultralight Beam” song from The Life of Pablo album, Chance The Rapper has brought him back on his “All We Got” track.

Most of us don’t know that Kanye West is Chance’s idol, and both of them are fans of making gospel music with rap verses. Without breaking the flow, this “All We Got” song carries the dogma that Chance and West believe in. With symphonies from Chicago Children’s Choir at the back, the song lifts up our souls and enlightens the dark depths. You can stream/listen to Coloring Book album online from iTunes. As soon as you start listening to the first track, read “All We Got” lyrics from to know what Chance The Rapper has preached in his new verses.