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The “6 Inch” song from Beyonce’s Lemonade album marks a much-awaited collaboration for Queen Bey’s fans. Grammy-winning R&B singer The Weeknd joins Beyonce for her new song “6 Inch,” and it’s just wonderful listening to it. The Weeknd’s softer and sharper tone brightens the song’s mood as Beyonce nails the verses from these “6 Inch” lyrics. This is surely a pleasant surprise from Beyonce as her Lemonade album can be streamed on Tidal.

So, we can now listen to “6 Inch” and get to know how The Weeknd has collaborated with the pop queen. Essentially a worker’s anthem, “6 Inch” brings together Beyonce and The Weeknd for the first time. The song speaks about empowering women who earn money to help their families survive. “6 Inch” is all about the struggles of a woman who faces hardships while working and manages to make nothing more than the bare minimum.

The use of six inch heels symbolizes wealth and power of a woman who’s struggled all the way to success. “6 Inch” is Beyonce’s way of telling how she’s earned and deserved her superstar success. Reading these “6 Inch” lyrics at will make you feel like striving hard for more.