Last night’s Shades of Blue season 1 episode 2, titled Original Sin, saw a continuation of where the series premiere left off, with NYPD detective Harlee Santos (played by Jennifer Lopez) having to determine if Lieutenant Matt “Woz” Wozniak (played by Ray Liotta) realizes she’s the FBI informant he’s just proclaimed his intention to kill.

Of course, neither of them pulls a trigger and Santos’ secret is still safe—they’re the show’s biggest stars and the main characters, after all—but that doesn’t mean things don’t heat up quickly. The FBI may have a snitch of their own to worry about and the team has a shooter to focus on after they manage to wound Woz. And if that wasn’t enough, Santos is already ready to quit being an informant, and it’s only the second episode!

Following Shades of Blue season 1 episode 2, Ray Liotta shared a behind-the-scenes pic featuring himself and Lopez on set and offering praise for her his famous co-star. Liotta captioned the photo: “Tonight’s episode of @nbcshadesofblue- the real boss, me, is with @JLo who is the real real boss!” The picture shows the two leading stars near a Cadillac with some other members of the team in a nighttime locale. And apparently Jennifer Lopez appreciated the sentiment, because she’s one of the over 178 people and counting who retweeted it!


Fans appreciated Ray Liotta’s post as well, not to mention the quality of Shades of Blue season 1 episode 2. If comments like, “AAHH TONIGHTS EPISODE WAS SOOO GOOD!! CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!” become the norm, there’s a good chance the series is going to go far! The comments also showed a little bias towards Lopez and women in general, with many correcting Liotta, telling him that no matter what he says, “Women ARE the REAL bosses in all cases, whether men want them to be, or not!”

Hopefully we’ll get to see some more great behind-the-scenes shots from Liotta and Lopez after Shades of Blue season 1 episode 3, which airs on Thursday, January 21.


Photo: Facebook/NBCShadesofBlue

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