Jay Z might have found the new Justin Timberlake. The 45-year-old rapper reportedly wants former boy band member Nick Jonas to don JT’s suit and tie.

After Jonas performed at the hip hop artist’s music festival, Made in America, last week, Jay Z was sold. He thinks that the 22-year-old singer has great potential to have a solo career as big as 34-year-old Timberlake’s.

An insider told Hollywood Life that Jay Z, being the business person that he is, wants to stay on the “cutting edge” of the music scene as well as other fields to make him a better entrepreneur. “And his next project is Nick Jonas.” That’s not all! The same source added, “He wants to record with him and he wants Beyoncé to record with him.”


If these rumors are true, there’s no doubt that partnering with Jay Z could work wonders for Nick Jonas’ career. Jay Z’s incredible working relationship with Justin Timberlake has certainly done a lot to help the former ‘N Sync singer break out as a solo act. The two have collaborated several times and even gone on tour together. Their two most famous songs include “Holy Grail” and “Suit & Tie.”

Another bonus is Jonas and Timberlake’s similar background. Timberlake was a part of beloved ‘90s boy band, while Jonas is from former pop trio, the Jonas Brothers. The latter kick-started his solo career with the hit comeback single, “Jealous.” Both even have soulful influences along with poppy sounds that would blend well alongside the style of both Jay Z and his wife, Beyoncé.

Jonas was even spotted spending time with the hip-hop artist at the Made in America festival while Beyoncé performed. Her husband belted out the lyrics while the Camp Rock star danced beside him.

Fingers crossed we’ll be hearing of a collaboration track soon!

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