Lana Rae Meisner was found dead in her California home on Sunday evening after getting shot in a self-inflicting accident. Lana Rae is the wife of Randy Meisner, a former member and a founding bandmate of legendary rock band the Eagles. Police sources have revealed that Lana called the cops on Sunday evening and reported an incident of domestic problems in the couple’s Studio City home; Lana Rae had called the police after fights between Randy and her started getting worse. By the time her 911 call ended, a police report was taken, but the cops left with no incident. However, later that evening around 7 p.m., Randy called the cops and reported that his wife had been fatally shot in an accident. With regards to who shot Randy Meisner’s wife Lana Rae Meisner, it’s currently believed to be Lana herself, suggesting a possible suicide.

Upon arrival at the crime scene, Lana was found dead in a closet with a rifle gun shot to her face and/or head. Her husband recorded his statement of being elsewhere at home when the gun was fired. According to evidence found, the police are initially suggesting it to be a “complete accident” and “no foul play whatsoever.” She was taken to a hospital and declared dead on arrival.

Considering the cause of her death, it is speculated that her husband Randy’s past behavior might have something to do with it, or may have had some influence on her possibly killing herself. Randy Meisner (69) had been involved in a conservatorship lawsuit with his wife when it was revealed that he had threatened Encino hospital staff of a murder-suicide, hinting a mass-killing with an AK-47 rifle in July last year. The case revealed Randy being diagnosed with bipolar syndrome and also a victim of substance abuse.


Close friends of the Meisner family suggest Lana had kept him in a “state of near-constant inebriation” while using up his royalty fortunes. In a shocking turn of events during the trial hearings of Randy’s case, Lana had stormed out of the courtroom when she wasn’t appointed as his guardian. However, Randy’s lawyer suggests his mental problems are being overly hyped and that Randy was “doing great” over the past few months. Lana Rae Meisner’s shocking death may pave the way to a new investigation into her accidentally shooting herself to death and will soon clear out Randy’s involvement in it, if he was involved at all.

Photo Credit: Randy Meisner Online

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