There’s been no shortage of drama in the race for U.S. presidency, thanks especially in part to the famous (or rather infamous) Republican candidate Donald Trump. Many of the other candidates have had their fair share of run-ins with the businessman-turned-politician, and Republican Rand Paul is no exception, but he just took their feud to a whole new level by not only bashing Trump’s political know-how, but also his business sense.

Rand Paul took to Twitter to comment on Trump’s recent comments about replacing Obamacare with a new and improved health insurance program. The only problem, according to Paul, is that Trump’s so-called plan is destined for failure, drawing on one of his other recent losses as an example. “Don’t like Obamacare? You’ll hate Trumpcare. ‘The government will pay for it??’ It will be bankrupt faster than his Atlantic City Casinos,” Rand Paul posted on Twitter. (Trump Entertainment in Atlantic City has filed for bankruptcy a total of four times, including most recently in 2014.)

Albeit witty, Paul’s tweet didn’t quite garner the support he probably hoped it would. Many of the people who commented actually questioned the politician on what his plans were and how they would be any better than Trump’s. As one follower wrote, “I am a life long Type 1 diabetic. How will RandCare work for me? [sic]” Unfortunately, a follow-up post from Rand Paul slamming Trump for pushing “government-run healthcare and higher taxes” got the same type of negative feedback.


Rand Paul Twitter

Nonetheless, Rand Paul is continuing his fight against Trump. According his recent interview with New Day on CNN, Paul is continuously amazed at how people can still be supporting Trump. “I’m thinking, how did we get the race for the most important office in the free world to sink to such depths, and how could anyone in my party think that this clown is fit to be president?” Paul questioned.

It turns out that that “clown” is still going strong, because based on the results from a new poll by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump is still leading the Republican race, with Ben Carson tied as the frontrunner. Meanwhile, Rand Paul sits in eighth place.

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