Rand Paul is either really smart, or all out of ideas for his 2016 presidential campaign, because he’s now turning to the public for help. The Republican candidate just announced on Twitter that he’s launching a contest for supporters to create his next campaign commercial and he’ll even put money behind the winning submission.

Paul made the announcement (multiple times) today on his official Twitter feed and included a link to a page on his web site that outlines the submission guidelines for the contest. In order for a video to qualify, it has to be 30-35 seconds in length and must touch on one of four key issues: term limits, defeating the “Washington Machine,” Paul’s pitch for “fair and flat tax,” or putting an end to illegal spying by the NSA.

The strategy is an interesting turn for Rand Paul, and it’s the first time in this presidential campaign (possibly any presidential campaign) that a candidate has turned to the public for help with putting together the perfect commercial—after all, what better way to relate to the people than by putting out something that comes from the people.


Paul’s campaign hasn’t been doing the greatest and many have pegged him to be the next candidate to drop out of the presidential race, so this may very well be something of a last-ditch effort to reconnect with the people and ultimately stay in the game.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see what the contest produces and whether or not Rand Paul will actually run with it—for all we know this could be the move that makes or breaks his chances in this presidential election.

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