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Baseball fans are heartbroken after the news of Miami Marlins pitcher, Jose Fernandez’s sudden death which broke earlier this week. The 24-year-old baseball player passed away in a tragic boating accident on Sunday, September 25. Miami Marlins fans are still reeling from the shock, and want to know more about Jose Fernandez’s family. Many are searching the Internet for information Jose Fernandez’s funeral, funeral photos, and Jose Fernandez’s father, Ramon Jiminez. If you’re wondering,”Who is Jose Fernandez’s father?”, we’ll answer all your questions right here.

#1 Ramon Jiminez Tried to Defect 14 Times

In 2005, Jiminez defected from Cuba and settled down in Tampa, Florida. Jiminez, who is actually Fernandez’s stepfather, left Cuba after 14 unsuccessful attempts, and when he finally made it to the U.S.A., he spent many days worrying about Fernandez and his family, because he had no contact with them after their escape.

#2 He Was a Doctor in Cuba

Jiminez practiced medicine in Cuba and hoped to become a licensed doctor in the U.S. Initially, the family had no plans to defect, but changed their minds after Jiminez was prevented from going on a business trip to Venezuela by the government who thought he would defect. He shared his concerns in an interview, “Until then we had no reason to ever want to leave Cuba, to ever even think about it. But that was a reminder. When you’re there, it’s like you’re in prison. I had to leave.”

#3 He Was a Family Man

In an interview, Jiminez shared a fond memory from Fernandez’s teenage years saying, “When he was starting high school, he wrote that number on the mirror, so as to see it when he got up every morning, and to remind him that every time he combed his hair or looked at himself, that it was the number of miles per hour he wanted to reach on his pitches. José has always been like that. When he fights for something, he never lets down his guard.”

When Jiminez reached the U.S., he arranged for Fernandez and his mother to defect as well. After the family was reunited in Tampa, Florida, Jiminez took Fernandez to a restaurant and told him he could eat anything he wanted from the restaurant buffet.