Crowned Miss Guyana World in 2014 and Miss Guyana Universe this year, Rafieya Husain is representing her country in the Miss Universe 2017 pageant. To learn some interesting facts about Rafieya Husain’s nationality, early life, and career ahead of the competition, here’s our Rafieya Husain wiki.

Rafieya Husain’s nationality is Guyanese. She will be representing Guyana in the Miss Universe 2017 pageant. She was crowned Miss World Guyana back in 2014 and went on to represent Guyana at the Miss World 2014 competition. She tried to win the Miss Guyana Universe title in 2016, but didn’t manage to succeed. Well, her persistence is something we definitely have to give her credit for because she’s back on the stage for the Miss Universe Pageant this year and hoping for a win! Here are some interesting facts about the lady who refuses to give up, right here in our Rafieya Husain wiki.

Who is Miss Guyana? 

Born on May 24, 1992, Rafieya Husain’s age is 25. She is an Indian-Guyanese model. She previously represented Guyana at the Miss World 2014 pageant held in London, where she made it to the Top 11. She was born in the ‘Cinderella County’ of Anna Regina, Essequibo, and she comes from a single-family household.  She has been a victim of domestic abuse and runs a non-profit organization called RIVAH, which stands for Rafieya’s International Vision and Hope. The organization’s aim is to rebuild a strong foundation of values for young people through community education, advocacy, public policy, and research.

Rafieya is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree and is working full-time as a Financial Accountant in order to pay for her education. Her aim in life is to be a source of inspiration for young women all across the world. She wants to encourage them to work hard and pursue their dreams, regardless of their circumstances.

Rafieya Husain’s Family

Rafieya Husain owes who she is to her mother and aunt, and she loves them dearly. She looks up to them as a source of inspiration. She often posts about her family on her Instagram account. Check out a few of her loving family photos below!

I’ve got to give a little extra love and be #thankful for a great support team and family (not all were able to make it tonight) I’m truly #blessed to spend time with my family. My mom and aunt are the ones who raised me to be the woman I️ am today influenced by their father (papa). One of the greatest things is being appreciative and content with what you have in life especially in such a materialistic world. I️ hope on this day and every other day, we can teach the next generation the importance of gratitude and being thankful for the things they have, even if it’s little. ?: Jorge Vega Umana #thanksgiving #dinner #family #traditions #family #khansiblings #letwemeksomememories #content #gratitude #selflessmother #truerolemodel #inspiration #hotmama #gotitfrommymomma #genetics #thankful #blessed #livelife

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Rafieya Husain’s Boyfriend

Is Miss Guyana single? With beauty like hers, it’s hard to imagine she could be available, but it seems this Miss enjoys her solo status! Either that, or she values her privacy and has kept mum on the topic of a relationship. Nothing has been mentioned about her personal life, and there’s no evidence of romance on any of her social media feeds! So, we believe she is single at the moment.

Rafieya Husain’s Instagram

Rafieya Husain’s hot pics are available on her Instagram account and it’s hard not to gawk at her undeniable beauty. Check out some of her steamiest photos below!

#beautyandbrains The best of both worlds. There has always been the double standard that a woman can either be smart or beautiful but can never be both! I’m here to defy the odds. I’m a 25 year old Muslim woman who is part owner of her own company Zcloud, founder of her own non-profit (RIVAH), domestic abuse survivor, spokesperson and advocate for domestic abuse awareness, all while completing my degrees in financial accounting. I’ve been competing in pageantry for 7 years! I️ am your Miss India DC 2010, National America Miss Virginia Teen 2011, Miss World Guyana 2014 and your Miss Universe Guyana 2017! Why can’t I️ have my cake and eat it too?! #bestofbothworlds #beauty #intelligent #confidentlybeautiful #cakedfaced #naturalbeauty #healthy #body #mind #soul #sweettooth #catlady #doglover #wellrounded #cantstopwontstop #caribbeangyal #brownbeauty #missuniverse2017 #missuniverseguyana2017 #CEO #founderofRIVAH #spokeperson #domesticabusesurivor #thankful #blessed #livelife

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Rafieya Husain’s persistent attitude has got her to where she is today, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to take her a lot further in life. Here’s wishing her good luck for the Miss Universe 2017 pageant. Go, Guyana!