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David Blomquist, better known as the political radio host Bloomdaddy, is wrapping up his flagship radio show this month. Bloomdaddy announced through his social media that he is leaving the Bloomdaddy Radio Network. He has yet to reveal details, but his regular listeners naturally had several queries about the announcement. They want to know why he is leaving the show and what he is doing next. Here’s what David Blomquist said about leaving the Bloomdaddy radio show.

David Blomquist Leaving Bloomdaddy Radio Network Behind

For the unaware asking who Bloomdaddy is, he is a conservative political and social commentator who’s been on radio and television for over two decades. He began his career in 1992, immediately after graduating from Kent State University.

David Blomquist, aka Bloomdaddy, started his career in broadcast as a sports anchor at WTOV in Ohio before joining WCHS and WTRF, both in West Virginia. He’s been with iHeartMedia since 2003, running his eponymous talk show that’s syndicated in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Bloomdaddy has appealed to conservative listeners for decades. So they were very surprised when he announced on his Facebook page that Friday, February 4, would be his last show on the Bloomdaddy Radio Network.

He didn’t reveal the reason in the post, but said it was the “toughest decision” he “had to make.” He added that he’d provide further details on the show.

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So far, he hasn’t hinted if he has a new gig in the works or if he is going to launch a new show. His ardent listeners hope that Bloomdaddy makes a comeback soon.

UPDATE 11:18 a.m. EST: Fans were relieved 24 hours later when he shared that he’d be back on air next week. A Feb. 4 Facebook post read: “Bloomdaddy is going to Newsradio WTAM 1100 in Cleveland starting next week. He will be on from 3-7 PM.”

His followers showed much love and support in the comments.