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MSNBC television host, Rachel Maddow interrupted her election coverage several weeks ago to tell her viewers, “You’re awake by the way. You’re not having a terrible, terrible dream. Also, you’re not dead and you haven’t gone to hell.” The host also sounded very bleak during the network’s Election Night coverage as the news broke of Donald Trump’s win. Maddow said, “Well, it is what it is. People go into this eyes wide-open. If you vote for somebody who can’t win for president, it means that you don’t care who wins for president.” For those who don’t know much about the witty and outspoken host, here’s a quick Rachel Maddow wiki.

Career & Personal Life

Rachel Anne Maddow was born April 1, 1973 in Castro Valley, California. She is a television host, political commentator and author in the United States, mostly known for her role as the host of The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC. She described herself as being “a cross between the jock and the antisocial girl” in her Castro Valley High School days. Her sexual orientation was outed by the college newspaper when her interview was published before she could tell her conservative parents, Elaine and Bob Maddow.

On set of The Rachel Maddow Show

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She earned a degree in public policy at Stanford in 1994, and began her postgraduate study in 1995 at Lincoln College, Oxford. She was the first openly gay or lesbian American to win an international Rhodes Scholarship, and is also the first openly gay anchor to host a major news program in the U.S. If you’re searching “Rachel Maddow husband,” the host is not married, but has had Susan Mikula as her partner since 1999.

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Net Worth

Rachel Maddow’s net worth is $20.0 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The site also lists Rachel Maddow’s salary at $7.0 million annually.

Net Worth$20.0 million
Annual Salary$7.0 million

Aside from her career as a host, Maddow is also an author of the book Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power. She has a PhD in politics from Oxford University and her thesis was titled HIV/Aids and Health Care Reform in British and American Prisons.

A Twitter Frenzy Follows Trumps Win

Maddow is not the only one upset over the news. Thousands of people took to Twitter to express their thoughts. Just check out some of the malicious, shocking, and somewhat hilarious tweets that were posted after the news broke that Donald Trump would, in fact, be the new president of the United States!