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Rachel Lindsay’s biggest regret is focussing too much on her career and not on enjoying life. It shows in her limited social media presence. Though, she is able to spend time with her friends and have fun.

Rachel Lindsay is an erudite, educated, and conscientious lawyer who is a contestant to look out for in The Bachelor season 21. She is beautiful and talented and very expressive. That can be easily inferred from her social media accounts, which show how well much she loves letting her hair down. Rachel from The Bachelor‘s Instagram account is full of pictures with her friends. Rachel from The Bachelor‘s Instagram pics are full of vitality and color, and capture Lindsay’s spirit.

A Passion for Law

Rachel Lindsay completed her law degree from the Marquette University Law School and currently works at Coopers & Sculley in Dallas, Texas. She passed her bar exam on her first attempt and has a lot of work experience as an intern. Before this, she did her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Sports Management from the University of Texas.

Sharing Pictures

Life is like a chess game, you don't want to waste a move… #mood #wednesdays #workhardplayharder #dallas

A photo posted by Rachel Lindsay (@bigrach_) on

Rachel from The Bachelor‘s Instagram username is bigrach_, and she takes time out from her busy schedule to post updates. Lindsay has a Linkedin page which has details of her professional career. Rachel from The Bachelor‘s Facebook username is Rachel Lindsay, where you can find more pictures of her.

Making Time for Herself

Saturday's and college football ????#baylorvsmu #stillhookemhorns #fleeclubchicago #fleeclub

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Information on Lindsay’s Twitter and Snapchat accounts could be not be found. However, she is only recently active online, as she is busy with her work. Rachel Lindsay regrets that she has focused too much on her career and missed out on having fun. She is now determined to make up for lost time by competing for love on The Bachelor.

Making a Big Impression

With Lindsay impressing both Nick Viall and viewers with her first appearance on The Bachelor, she is quickly becoming a fan-favorite. Rachel Lindsay is already posting more online, and letting fans see more of what she’s up to. Social media presence or not, Rachel Lindsay is a girl to watch out for!

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