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Rachel Lindsay’s biggest regret is focussing too much on her career and not enjoying life. Though she has not posted much on social media, that will change as The Bachelorette 2017 airs.

Rachel Lindsay is an educated and conscientious lawyer who is The Bachelorette for Season 13. Her beauty and talent can be easily inferred from her social media accounts, which show how she loves letting her hair down. Rachel from The Bachelorette’s Instagram account is full of pictures with her friends, and capture her spirit.

A Passion for Law

Rachel Lindsay completed her law degree from the Marquette University Law School and currently works at Coopers & Sculley in Dallas, Texas. She passed her bar exam on her first try and has a lot of work experience as an intern. Before this, she did her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and sports management from the University of Texas.

Rachel from The Bachelorette‘s Instagram Pics

Life is like a chess game, you don't want to waste a move… #mood #wednesdays #workhardplayharder #dallas

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Rachel from The Bachelorette‘s Instagram username is therachlindsay. She also has a Linkedin page for those who want a closer look at her professional career. Rachel from The Bachelorette‘s Facebook username is Rachel Lindsay, which has updates about the show.

Making Time for Herself

Saturday's and college football ?#baylorvsmu #stillhookemhorns #fleeclubchicago #fleeclub

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Rachel Lindsay is also active on Twitter but no Snapchat account could be not be found. Since being on The Bachelor, her social media activity has greatly increased, with more to come as we get further into The Bachelorette Season 13.