Concept image for Model Rachel Cook (Photo: Pixabay/skeeze)

About Rachel Cook
Age29 Years
BirthJanuary 8, 1995 Seattle, Washington
JobFashion Model

Do you ever feel like there are too many models to keep track of? Sure, there are the bigger names that we all know, like Kendall Jenner and the Hadids, but what about the others? Who is Rachel Cook and why should you be following her? We’ve got many reasons right here!

Just to be clear, this is Rachel Cook the model, not the actress from She’s All That, in case you were confused by the photos! With our Rachel Cook wiki, you can learn more about the model and get a look at her fit and stylish pics.

She’s growing in popularity by the day. And if you follow her Instagram account, it’s easy to see why!

Rachel Cook’s Age and Background

Rachel Cook was born on January 8, 1995, in Seattle, Washington. Rachel Cook is 23 years old.

In the past, she’s been represented by quite a few big modeling agencies, including IMG Models, Seattle Models Guild, and Stars Model Management. She’s now managed by Two Pillar Management and The Face Models, an agency based in Mexico.

Cook is 5’9” with light brown hair and blue eyes. She’s almost too adorable to take your eyes off of!

Rachel Cook’s Instagram

What’s a model without Instagram?

Cook was once named GQ’s Instagram Girl of the Week thanks to her good looks. And it wasn’t hard for the magazine to find the best photos of her!

This model has over a million followers. So, she’s bound to have more as she continues booking more gigs.

While she does have other social media platforms to reach her and see what she’s doing, fans have a better time reaching her on Instagram. Besides, you can stay up to date there with what she’s doing as she posts regularly on the popular photo-sharing app!

Just by looking at her photos, you can tell that Cook loves to travel and have a good time. Who doesn’t, right?

She has countless selfies, and her page is all about her and the many outfits she gets to wear. Not to mention all the places she gets to go!

Although some may call it self-absorbed, she would call it work. And it’s clear that she’s pretty good at it. After all, followers don’t just come out of nowhere—you need to give them something to follow!

For Cook, it’s all about the look. Whether she’s posing on an island or in a studio, she’s always ready to shine.

Staying Fit

Cook may not need fitness tips from Paige Hathaway, but she could definitely teach us a thing or two! With the way she works out in her videos, she’s qualified to be her own trainer!

Believe it or not, models have to keep fit a lot more than people with typical desk jobs. There’s no faking it in their line of work, and Cook’s fitness routine is definitely paying off. (That also means she’s probably eating more vegetables than she is pizza.)

No one said being a model was easy, but Rachel Cook certainly makes it look that way!