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Charming anchor Rachel Bogle worked for CBS4 for five long years. Viewers loved her on their TVs so much that she became a hard habit to break. Now she has announced her departure from the Indianapolis TV station she called home all these years and expressed her feelings about this on her social media accounts. Bogle said she had a wonderful working experience at CBS4 all these years, but now it was time to do what she has been dreaming about for a while now…work as an evening news anchor! Even though Bogle hasn’t revealed yet where she is going, she has tweeted that her fans can find this out after January 1, 2022, by reading her social media posts.

Popular Anchor Rachel Bogle Is Leaving CBS4

Everybody’s favorite CBS4 anchor Rachel Bogle has broken a million hearts. Maybe a lot more! That’s because she recently announced through her social media her decision that’s shaken her viewers. Bogle decided to leave CBS4 for good after working at the popular TV station for more than five years.

That’s right, folks; Rachel Bogle is saying farewell to CBS4 after sparkling on the airwaves for five consecutive years during which time she developed a devoted fan following.

Usually when a high-level, popular anchor or TV personality leaves there is a lot of information about it in advance, since it is such a big event for personality, the TV station or media outlet, and of course the viewers who have become attached to him or her. In the case of Bogle, her leaving has been low-key, with the news coming out primarily through her social media messages to all her fans.


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Bogle has mostly used her Facebook and her Twitter accounts to post heartfelt, emotional messages about leaving CBS4 about 8-10 days in advance.

Bogle’s Departure from CBS4 Has Come as a Shock!

The news of Rachel Bogle’s impending departure from CBS4 has gotten her viewers and fans talking about her, asking questions like: what happened to Rachel Bogle? Some viewers who’ve been following Bogle’s social media accounts have spread this news, which has come as an unpleasant shock to almost all her followers! Rachel Bogle leaving CBS4?! It’s hard to imagine.

Viewers who were used to watching the lovely Bogle thought that the day she’d say goodbye to them would never come. But unfortunately, it has!

Bogle Is All Excited about Her Impending New Adventure!

Once the viewers got over the initial huge shock, they asked the question that is on everybody’s lips: where is Rachel Bogle going?

Without spelling it out in capital letters, Bogle has hinted where she is headed to next…a stint as an evening news anchor! That’s right! Bogle has revealed her long-held dream of working as an evening news anchor at some influential TV station. She is calling it “Her New Adventure.” It’s an opportunity she got with much difficulty, but Bogle is clearly pursuing it with all her passion and energy.

New Year 2022 Will Bring New News about Rachel Bogle!

Which TV station or media outlet is Rachel Bogle joining?” In her latest tweet, Bogle wrote that she hasn’t shared with her fans where she is headed off to professionally. However, she will reveal the details on her social media during the first weekend of the New Year 2022!

So, if you want to know where you will get to see and hear the exciting anchor next, then be sure to check out her social media posts from January 1, 2022, onwards. It’s obvious that Rachel Bogle is off to greener pastures, but if you want to know which one it is exactly, then spend some quality time following her social media accounts!

Bogle’s Professional Philosophy: “Work Is Fun!”

In her goodbye messages, Bogle said that she enjoyed working with different co-workers and colleagues at CBS4 and learned a lot. To her, it never felt like work, because she enjoyed doing it so much. Now that Bogle will be working as an evening news anchor, which has been her dream for so long, it’s going to feel even less like work and more like unbridled fun.

In a very natural way, Rachel Bogle, despite being a grown-up woman, is doing what so many girls aim to: girls just wanna have fun! So now it’s time to exit CBS4…and soon enter a new phase of fun-filled career achievement!