Kelly has released his new album, The Buffet, but it’s been getting some mixed reviews. While some people love it, others feel that it’s lacking. For instance, a review on suggested that maybe the reason R. Kelly’s new music isn’t working is because it “still sounds largely like it did when he was on top.” And The New York Times called the album’s songs “capable,” in that “one is not much better than another.”

Kelly, however, is not taking the criticism lying down. Instead, he’s standing up for himself. The singer has posted a two-part video to his Facebook page appealing for people to be more understanding, because he’s still putting in 100%. In the first video, R. Kelly admits that not everything he’s put out over the course of his 28-year music career has been great, but that he’s still, as he puts it, “busting his ass,” to give it his all. He also says that he doesn’t do it for the money or the fame, but “for the love of it.”

He also talks about how, although he wishes his company would get behind the album more, he’s more concerned about gaining the support and respect of other people in the industry. “We have to support each other. If we don’t support each other, how do we expect anybody else to support us?” questions Kelly.



“The Buffet” album in stores & iTunes this Friday 12/11!

Posted by R. Kelly on Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Message – Part 2:

“The Buffet” album in stores & iTunes tomorrow!


Posted by R. Kelly on Thursday, 10 December 2015

It’s a little hard to keep up with R. Kelly and decipher exactly who he’s talking to, but one thing is for sure—the singer is visibly upset about people discounting his latest project. R. Kelly signs off at the end of the first video, which goes on for almost five minutes. But then earlier today, he posted “Message – Part 2.”

In this second video, the singer again goes on about supporting each other, but this time it becomes a bit clearer that he’s talking about black artists and people in general having each other’s backs instead of pulling each other down. Kelly ended his rant with, “I hope I’ll start to see a change. I’m just one man, though. You know I can’t do it by myself. But hopefully the words that I have given you guys will, you know, plant a seed that’ll grow and that will blossom into a whole lot of successful trees.”

Once you get through the rambling, he actually raises some good points—and he seems to be appealing to a lot of people with his message. The two videos together have been viewed over 225,000 times, shared by more than 3,800 followers, and liked by over 12,000 fans so far.


Photo: Facebook/R. Kelly

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