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Everybody is talking about Quincy Jones after he gave yet another revealing interview about two of the biggest names in the industry. Jones revealed that Marlon Brando would have sexual relations with anything—even a “mailbox” or Richard Pryor! Quincy Jones’ net worth of $400.0 million was not made overnight, but the respect he earned on the way is far more valuable to him.

While Marlon Brando fans are in shock after what Quincy Jones revealed about the actor’s sexual orientation, people are interested in the record producer’s wealth. So, how rich is Quincy Jones in 2018?

Keep reading to know how the music mogul made his fortune.

Quincy Jones’ Songs, Albums, and More!

  • Michael Jackson’s record producer, Quincy Jones, has been in the business long enough to earn a rock solid net worth of an approximate $400.0 million!
  • Quincy Jones played a tremendously important role in shaping the music industry and making it what it is today. He is a genius when it comes to recognizing talent.
  • Jones made his mark in the industry for more than six decades starting with Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, and Duke Ellington.
  • He was the vice president of Mercury Records when he worked with jazz musicians.
  • The producer makes music for art and the success follows; he’s not in it for the money.
  • Some of Jones’ best songs include, “Money Runner,” “Stuff Like That,” “I’ll Be Good to You,” and “I Don’t Go for That.”
  • Jones made millions off Thriller after it sold more than 66 million copies.
  • The hitmaker’s association with the “Thriller” singer also helped him rake in the millions he made over the years.
  • Michael Jackson’s Thriller album is considered the best-selling album of all time, and was a multi-platinum seller in 1983.
  • Quincy Jones’ awards for “Thriller” include the Grammy for Album of the Year. He also received a nomination for Producer of the Year.

Check out how rich other record producers are compared to the legendary Quincy Jones:

Record Producer Net Worth
Jay-Z (Rock-A-Fella Records) $900.0 million
Quincy Jones $400.0 million
Russell Simmons (Def Jam Records) $350.0 million
Prince (NPG Records) $300.0 million
Ronald “Slim” Williams (Cash Money Records) $170.0 million
Kanye West (GOOD Music) $160.0 million
Lil Wayne (Young Money Entertainment) $150.0 million
  • Quincy Jones joined the EGOT winners list, which consists of only 17 people in the world.
  • He is credited with introducing Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg (fellow EGOT winner) to the film world.
  • The record producer also raked in millions through TV productions like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
  • He also invested his money wisely, and in 2014, it was reported that he put in a whopping $6.0 million into a headphone line.
  • Quincy Jones’ house is a massive 25,000 sq.ft. mansion atop Bel-Air Road, which overlooks the city. The view through the floor-to-ceiling windows is spectacular!
  • The interiors are as luxurious, and he showcases all his achievements (including the shiny gold statue) in his sprawling living room.
  • In addition to being a record producer, Jones composed film scores, was an impresario, and trumpeter.
  • Quincy Jones not only cemented his presence in the music industry and mentored some of the biggest names in the country, but he’s humble about it all!