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Vietnam has been the happy hunting ground for Hollywood, ever since the war ended and the soldiers came back home. The ’70s saw several classic films like The Deer Hunter and Coming Home bring the horrors of war into the lives of the viewers. The ’80s saw films like Platoon, Casualties of War and Born on the 4th of July revisit Vietnam. However, the war and it’s issues have not really been tackled on TV the way it has been done in the movies. Now, the new TV drama series called Quarry promises to do that. It will explore the psyche of a Vietnam vet, as he struggles to adapt to peace in America. The series is named Quarry and the first episode was telecast on September 9, 2016. People are curious to find out about the Quarry cast. Don’t worry. We will tell you all about the Quarry season 1 cast right here.

A Prolific Writer

Quarry is an upcoming American television series based on the novels of Max Allan Collins. Collins is an American mystery writer who has written novels, screenplays, comic books, comic strips, trading cards, short stories, movie based novels and historical fiction. He is the author of the Quarry series, about a former U.S. Marine sniper turned professional assassin, who returns home after fighting in the Vietnam War in 1973. The TV series Quarry is based on the series of books that Collins has written.

A Haunted Past

Quarry is the tale of Mac Conway who, after returning from the Vietnam War, finds himself shunned by the people he loves. The public hates him and makes him look like a monster, whose only passion is killing. Conway struggles to cope up with civilian life as he is haunted by the gory memories of war. At the same time, he is irreversibly drawn into a network of killing and corruption that covers the entire length of the Mississippi river. What follows after is both heart breaking and bone chilling.

The Creation

An eight episode first season was ordered by Cinemax in February 2015. The series was created for Cinemax by Graham Gordy and Michael D. Fuller. Although the books are based in Memphis, the TV series has been shot in both Memphis and New Orleans. Quarry season 1 premiered on Cinemax on September 9, 2016.

Team of Good Actors

In a grim, violent drama like Quarry, the acting needs to be of a very high standard. The cast of Quarry were specifically chosen for their acting abilities, even though some of them are not big marquee names yet. The lead character of Conway is being played by American actor, Logan Marshall-Green. He is well known for his roles in TV series like Traveler, The O.C., 24 and Dark Blue. He also acted in the Ridley Scott’s sci-fi movie, Prometheus.

If you want to know who else is acting in the series and when they appear, just read below!

Name of actor / actress    Name of character
Logan Marshall-GreenQuarry [8 episodes, 2016]
Jodi BalfourJoni [8 episodes, 2016]
Peter MullanThe Broker [8 episodes, 2016]
Nikki Amuka BirdRuth [8 episodes, 2016]
Damon HerrimanBuddy [8 episodes, 2016]
Edoardo BalleriniKarl [8 episodes, 2016]
Chloe EliseLou [8 episodes, 2016]
Josh RandallDetective Tommy Olsen [7 episodes, 2016]
Mustafa ShakirMoses [6 episodes, 2016]
Joshua J. WilliamsMarcus [6 episodes, 2016]

Hell to Hell

Sometimes the 2 hour movie format is not enough to depict the day to day struggles and madness of war. It is especially tough to create a character study of the men who fight there and give up their lives to protect us. A TV series on the other hand has time to flesh out all the details. That’s what Quarry attempts to do. So, you might want to tune in! The story of a man who returns from one hell only to find himself trapped in another hell in his own country is sure to be entertaining and heart-wrenching all at once.