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On October 10, 2018, millions of students took the PSAT test. And around the same time each year, students follow the tradition of sharing hilarious PSAT memes on Twitter and other social media platforms after taking the test. We’re sure a lot of you can relate to some of them, especially if you did the test. We’ve gathered some of the best PSAT memes of 2018 for you right here, so keep scrolling!

On Wednesday, right after high school students finished their PSAT test, they took to social media and came up with some hilarious PSAT test-related memes. The College Board even warned them not to discuss what was on the test after after they took it.

However, kids being the rebels that they are didn’t pay any heed and flooded our social media with funny College Board and PSAT memes. The tradition of students sharing inside jokes based on the weird questions asked on the test has been going on for several years now.

But for those who do well on the test, they have potential scholarship opportunities.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at 10 of the best PSAT memes of 2018!

1. At least the Dolphins Found Each Other

2. Disrespecting Your Mother

3. Where’s My Calculator?

4. Of course, the Ex Has to be Dragged

5. How Can We Forget the Moth and Its Lamp?

6. Earning Fame Is Apparently More Important

7. The Struggle Is Real

8. Even Donald Trump Feels the Same Way

9. The College Board Right Now

10. Regrets Looking at PSAT Memes of 2018

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