It looks like Michael Douglas, 69, and 44-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones’ marriage is officially on the road to recovery. The celebrity couple “looked really happy to be together” when they attended the Monte Cristo Awards in New York City. According to onlookers, you would never have been able to tell that the celebrity couple, who have two kids together, ever needed a break from their 13-year marriage.

A week earlier, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones showed a united front at the opening night of an off-Broadway play.

“Things seem to be going really well for them,” a family friend said about the celebrity couple’s newfound happiness. “I knew they were going to work as hard as they could on their marriage, especially for the kids. It’s a good thing.”


Douglas and Zeta-Jones are expected to make an appearance together at one other event before taking off with their kids for a Europe trip. “The time as a family should be great for them,” said a friend of the celebrity couple.

Michael Douglas has always been optimistic about the outcome of their separation, and he made it very clear from the onset that he had no intentions of giving up on his wife or their marriage. They simply needed time to work out some of their issues, which seemed to do the trick. Although we had our doubts that this celebrity couple would ever get back together, we have to say we’re happy they did!

What do you think: Can a temporary separation help fix relationship problems?


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