Presidential Inauguration Day Weather Forecast: How Cold Will It Be on January 20?

Presidential Inauguration Day Weather Forecast
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The stage is all set for President-Elect Donald Trump as he will take the oath to serve as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017. Here is everything you need to know about the Presidential Inauguration Day weather forecast.


After one of the most controversial presidential elections the United States has ever witnessed, Donald Trump will take over the Oval Office from the outgoing President Barack Obama on January 20, 2017. The Inaugural Day celebrations are expected to begin on January 19, with the traditional wreath-laying ceremony held at Arlington National Cemetery. On January 20, millions of viewers across the globe will tune in to watch the swearing-in ceremony, inauguration speech, and parade. Naturally, those who are want to watch the Presidential Inauguration in person are wondering whether it will snow that day. Scroll down to get all the information you’re looking for about the January 20 weather forecast, including the Presidential Inauguration parade route.

Presidential Inauguration Day Weather Forecast

If you’re wondering whether or not it will snow on Presidential Inauguration Day, you might not like the answer. History tells us that January 20 will be a cold if not frigid day in Washington D.C., and this year should be no different. The district has an average high of 43°F, and an average low of 28°F. Donald Trump will be raising his right hand at noon for the Presidential Oath, when the temperature is expected to be around 37 degrees, with chilly winds slightly below freezing.

Web Site High Chance of Rain
Weather Underground 52°F 25%
Accuweather 60°F 0 percent
National Weather Service 43°F 33%

According to records maintained by the National Weather Service, President-Elect Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day is expected to be one of the warmest ever, and there is a one in three chance of measurable precipitation in the nation’s capital.

January 20 Weather Forecast

Normal High Normal Low Record High Record Low Record Precipitation Record Snow
43°F 28°F 70°F in 1951 -2°F in 1985 1.77 inches in 1937 3.8 inches in 1975

Trump is said to be writing his own inaugural address and plans on keeping it short and impactful, because he doesn’t want people to freeze. Thankfully, the odds of it snowing are measurably smaller with a 10% chance of 0.1 inches of snow accumulation. There’s some good news for those watching the Presidential Inauguration live; due to relatively high pressure, the temperatures will soar to warmer than average, and there won’t be much precipitation.

will it snow on the presidential inauguration day

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