Presidential Debate Highlights: Who Won the Second Presidential Debate Tonight?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
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Tonight is debate #2 of this year’s presidential election, and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were taking questions straight from the voters. The town hall-style event is the second round of the 2016 presidential election debates. To set the stage, we can tell you that the debate started without a handshake between Clinton and Trump, even though the handshake is a tradition in presidential debates.

Here are some of the highlights from the ongoing debate.

The second presidential debate is being broadcast live. You can watch it on any of the major broadcasting networks or the networks’ YouTube channels.

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Debate Highlights

Foreign policy is one of the main issues the country is concerned about, so tonight’s debate began with that topic. Clinton and Trump have exchanged barbs on Trump’s close friendship with countries that are considered America’s enemies. She accused Trump of allegedly empowering the Islamic State by alienating Muslims and also aligning himself with the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin. Also continuing from the first debate, Clinton brought up Trump’s treatment of people of color and women.

In response to Clinton’s accusations, Trump claimed that the Democratic candidate is trying “to tarnish” him with these claims. While denying he hopes to gain any commercial benefits from Russia, the Republican candidate declared that it would be great to get along with that country. When it came to his previous plan to ban Muslim immigration, Trump said that it had instead “morphed into extreme vetting.” Regarding his own treatment of women, specifically his lewd comments in the recently released 2005 recording, Trump responded by digging up old graves, bringing up Bill Clinton’s infidelity.

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Trump, who believes moderator CNN’s Anderson Cooper is prejudiced against him, asked the moderator why he wasn’t talking about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, while his co-moderator Martha Raddatz was. Clinton’s private e-mail server as Secretary of State is still a matter of contention between the two candidates. When Trump was being questioned about the ban on Muslim immigration, he then accused Raddatz of favoring Clinton.

Clinton once again brought up that Trump wasn’t against the Iraq war and they have it on tape, while Trump denied it.

Taxes once again became a hot topic between the candidates. Hillary continued to reiterate that Trump has evaded paying taxes. Asked if he takes advantage of a million-dollar loss in the 1990s to avoid taxes, Trump responded: “Of course I do.”

The candidates were asked about the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Clinton called it a catastrophic situation and somehow diverted the issue to Russia and Trump’s friendship. Raddatz mentioned Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence’s statements on Syria. Trump said he hasn’t spoken to Pence and he disagrees.

Trump also brought up the issue of Clinton calling Trump supporters “deplorable,” saying she has tremendous hate in her heart. In response, Clinton brought up Trump insulting a pageant winner in the past.

Probably the best question to close with, a voter asked each candidate what they like about their opponent. Hillary Clinton said she admires Donald Trump’s children and said they are hard workers. Trump appreciated the compliment and said that he respects Clinton’s fighting spirit, though he doesn’t agree with what she fights for.

Who Won the Second Presidential Debate?

So far Hillary Clinton is in the lead, after the first debate, and is ahead of Trump in a few states. The results after the second debate may change things or create a bigger gap in the polls. It’s definitely something that we all need to watch closely.

The final presidential debate will be on October 19 in Las Vegas before the election day on November 8.




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