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About Post Malone
Known AsAustin Richard Post
Age22 Years
BirthJuly 4, 1995 Syracuse, New York, United States Height
Height1.84 m
ParentsRich Post

Post Malone has had a very exciting 2017, so far. His debut album went platinum, he’s performing at CBS Radio’s SPF concert, he’s got a great friendship with Justin Bieber, and he has a loving girlfriend in his life to share it all with.

“White Iverson” Post Malone announced that his upcoming project, Beerbongs and Bentley is dropping in June. At the same time, his debut album, Stoney was certified platinum! He definitely has reason to celebrate a successful 2017 with his girlfriend. Though Post Malone’s girlfriends list isn’t very extensive, he now has someone special in his life. Who is Post Malone dating? We’ve got the lowdown on Post Malone’s girlfriend in 2017, right here.

Who is the Woman Dating “White Iverson?”

If you haven’t heard, Post Malone was nicknamed “White Iverson” after his 2015 debut single of the same name. It’s in reference to his braids and the NBA player, Allen Iverson (who is black) so people are referring to Malone as his white counterpart. “White Iverson” and other songs by Post Malone began gaining popularity on Soundcloud, and really put Malone on the map.


He garnered attention from record labels and show organizers and definitely hit the jackpot. Not only did he get a big recording contract with Republic Records, he was also booked for a show at a nightclub by a woman named Ashlen, who would become Malone’s special lady. There’s not enough information on Ashlen (not even her last name) except that she booked a gig for Malone, and that’s when they hit it off. The two have been dating ever since.

The Breakfast Club Drama

Earlier in 2015, the 21-year-old rapper stopped by the radio show, The Breakfast Club to promote his debut album, Stoney. The show was co-hosted by DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God, as host Angela Yee was absent that day. To say the interview was pretty awkward is an understatement.

The two hosts brought up the topic of P.Diddy’s 75/25 “love contract” from the rap mogul’s interview a week before. Diddy explained the notion of faithfulness, claiming that he can be faithful in a relationship 75% of the time, with the other 25% resulting in cheating and general unhappiness.

Referencing that, Charlamagne hinted that Post Malone would possibly cheat on Ashlen as his popularity grew. They invited Ashlen, who was in the room, to speak. The couple only said that they were confident about their relationship (even though they took a break a little later).

Nevertheless, it was uncalled for, and Malone felt like he had to defend his relationship on Twitter. So, with such a pitiful interview, it was shocking when both Malone and Ashlen sat down with The Breakfast Club once again.


In the December 2016 interview, Angela Yee, who was not there during Malone’s initial interview, began by apologizing to Malone and his girlfriend for the fiasco that went on during their last interview. Once they buried the hatchet, they could focus on important issues like Malone’s fake feud with Justin Bieber.

Dating or Not?

Malone and Ashlen’s dating timeline is a little rocky. They supposedly broke up sometime after their first Breakfast Club interview. The two seemingly got back together, as they were both present at the second interview. Post Malone even said they were together at one of Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour shows, where he performed as the opening act.

Malone is very popular on Instagram with 1.5 million followers. That’s the platform where most of his fans have been speculating his relationship with Ashlen. The absence of Ashlen from his recent posts are making people wonder if they broke up again.

As some of his followers have noticed, she has even deleted her Instagram account altogether. It could be that they haven’t been able to spend much time together because he’s busy. Maybe they just needed some time apart? Or maybe they broke up because of his busy schedule? Perhaps P. Diddy was right. Nevertheless, Post Malone’s current relationship status is still unknown.

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