No one can forget the White House scandal that made Monica Lewinsky an overnight celebrity—she had an illicit affair with the married president of the United States, Bill Clinton. It looks like France might have their own Monica Lewinsky now, but she’s already a celebrity.

French actress Julie Gayet, 41, is rumored to be the younger mistress of 59-year-old French president Francois Hollande. News of their alleged affair surfaced after a magazine published photos of the president arriving at Gayet’s home, claiming that the pair have been secretly sleeping together for a while. The president’s bodyguard reportedly doesn’t arrive till the following morning.

Although Hollande has been in a long-term relationship and Gayet is married with two kids, this isn’t the first time they’ve been rumored to be having an affair. Similar allegations surfaced last year, although both parties adamantly tried to quell the rumors and Gayet even pursued legal action.


Part of it has to do with the fact that Gayet has been very vocal about her admiration for Hollande as a leader and even appeared in a video for his 2012 campaign. “I met a humble man who was so formidable that as a result, here I am sitting before you,” she said in the video. “He really listens and that is quite rare, very, very rare even. I am very impressed with him, you can talk about everything in detail.” Gayet has also appeared at several political events in support of the president.

So, did their relationship really cross the line from professional to personal? Hollande is reportedly considering taking legal action against the magazine that published the photos for attacking his “right to privacy,” but he hasn’t necessarily denied the affair claims. Gayet has yet to make any comment on this latest scandal.

After the photos and affair rumors of Gayet and Hollande surfaced, his girlfriend, Valérie Trierweiler, was admitted to the hospital for depression and fatigue. She is said to be “prepared to forgive” the president, but she first needs to know “what Francois Hollande’s intentions are” with regards to the status of their relationship. Hollande reportedly told Trierweiler about his affair with the younger woman the day before the pictures were published.

“She is completely stunned. Naturally, she couldn’t ignore the rumors that swirled around Paris in the past few weeks,” said one insider. Trierweiler is expected to remain in hospital for a few more days. However, some sort of public statement is expected to be revealed soon to clarify her status—if her relationship with Hollande ends, she’ll no longer be France’s First Lady and will no longer be able to use state funds.

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