Gordon Ramsay spent months practicing for the Ironman triathlon, which was held in Kona, Hawaii on October 11, but it was all in vain. The world-famous chef fell ill while biking and had to quit the race. And it came as sad news after seeing all the enthusiastic posts Ramsay shared on social media displaying his training efforts and work in the days leading up to the triathlon.

Ramsay posted a photo of himself on Instagram, where he was seen standing on the rocks gazing at the waves, with the caption, “Hi guys, didn’t happen this year. During my bike ride, I threw up several times and wasn’t able to keep anything down, making me dehydrated. I thought I’d be able to push through the marathon, but my body just shut down.” He went on to thank Ironman’s medical staff, along with the Hawaii Police Department for helping him. He also thanked his fans for the support and congratulated his fellow participants before declaring, “I will be BACK !!!! Gx.”

Not disheartened by the experience, Ramsay’s fans called him a winner for trying, and reminded him that there was always a next year. As one user commented, “I think the words your son wrote are more special than any finish line could be!” This was in reference to the father’s previous post, in which he shared an image of his son, Jack Ramsay, along with a long message wishing him good luck for the race.


The 15-year-old wrote a long letter to his father, explaining in detail how proud he was. He said, “Just make sure you push push push as you always do, the way you inspire me every single day.” He went on to pass along wise words of advice for Ramsay about how the pain was only temporary compared to the result. Ending on an emotional note, he said, “Dad I love you so so much. Good luck best mate, GO IRONMAN DADDY!”

This tear-jerking wish, as expected, was Ramsay’s “warmest message ever.” Even his fans agreed. One wrote, “Great to have such a fabulous son.”

However, there is some good news in store for the chef, as his latest restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen, is set to open this fall (November 1) in Dubai at the prestigious Atlantis, The Palm.

Gordon Ramsay, Instagram post, October 11, 2015.
Gordon Ramsay, Instagram post, October 9, 2015.

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