PokéVision Alternatives: Poképilot, PokéFinderNow, PokéRadar & More

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It seems that Pokévision is down and Pokémon Go users all over the world are unable to catch ‘em all. After the recent Pokémon Go update, the Pokémon Go tracking feature seems to be disabled, leaving users of the popular mobile app to panic and look elsewhere to find answers.  Many have been searching for other options like a Pokévision alternatives website in order to gain answers on the problem and get back to tracking down their Pokémon.

If you’re looking for some Pokévision alternatives in order to continue with your Pokémon Go tracking, then you’re right where you need to be. So keep reading, as we will give you all the information you need.

The latest updates left Pokémon Go users without a way to track down their virtual monsters and the problem continues to persist. Last week, Niantic lab’s CEO, John Hanke, the creator of Pokémon Go, hinted to Forbes that certain services that help people track down creatures would be shut down. There’s been no comment as to how long it would be shut down for, and the official Pokémon Go and Pokévison Twitter account has been cryptic and unhelpful.

Compass for Pokémon

According to the Google Play service, a developer for the company (Isaac W. Davis) is working on an app he developed last week. He hopes for it to overlay a small compass on Pokémon Go, in order to help track various monsters in public. Though the app is free, it’s only available to Android cell phone users.



On the popular web site Reddit, a user said that beta for PokéPilot may be one of the only iOS alternatives, since most of them are meant for Androids. You will have to look for the map that is similar to Pokévision, and be careful of spoof accounts.


Players can also use PokéRadar on iTunes, if they’re unable to find any viable alternatives to Pokévision. It’s free to use and contains all the help you need for tracking.

So far, Niantic hasn’t given any notification as to when the service disruptions will stop, if at all, but we will keep you posted!



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