Pokémon Server Status UK: Are Pokémon Go Servers Down in the UK?

Pokémon Server Status
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Pokémon Go has undoubtedly taken over the world. The virtual reality, smartphone gaming sensation, has caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of adults and children. For obsessive fans of the game, Googling, “Pokémon server status UK,” “Pokémon Go server status,” “Pokémon servers down,” “Pokémon server issues,” and “Pokémon servers,” don’t worry we’ll give you all the details you want, on the Pokémon Go server status. These days the only question on everyone’s mind is “Why is Pokémon Go not loading?”, “What happened to the Pokémon Go server?” and “Are Pokémon Go servers down in the UK?”

The undisputed king of augmented reality games, arrived with a big bang in the UK last week, making it the fifth country where Pokémon Go can be accessed. After consistently dominating the download game charts in the U.S and Australia, the wildly successful gaming franchise, debuted in the UK and Ireland. Previously, die-hard fans dying to get their hands on the game, used illegal and unofficial methods, to obtain the game, but after it was officially launched in the UK last week, fans downloaded it from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android. Within 24 hours of the Pokémon Go launch, the games servers crashed, and Nintendo shares went up by 10 percent.

However, the journey to success has not been smooth sailing, for Pokémon Go creators as well as users. The game continues to face hurdles like glitches, several outages, and multiple hacks. Niantic Labs, the Google startup that founded the game, with investment from Nintendo, has been troubled by crashing servers, due to hacking groups wreaking havoc on Pokémon Go’s login accounts. Over the weekend, a hacking team named OurMine, proudly claimed responsibility for the attacks, using distributed denial of service (DDoS). During peak gaming hours, many users received a message, when they tried accessing the game that said, “Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later.”

To add insult to injury, another hacking group called PoodleCorp threatened to take Pokémon Go offline on August 1. Pokémon Go creators have their work cut out for them, as they are struggling to keep the game afloat. Over the weekend, Pokémon Go further expanded to 26 new countries, leading to a surge in outages and crashing servers.


On the flip side, Pokémon Go’s creators have plenty of reason to be pleased, as well. Despite the never-ending controversies, the game is estimated to be earning a whopping $1.6 million every day, solely from iPhone gamers in the U.S. The founding company, Nintendo’s shares have doubled since the game’s launch, and Pokémon Go currently has more Google searches than Tinder and porn!

After angry gamers had taken to Twitter, to vent out their frustration, at not being able to catch Pokémon, a group of engineers developed a website called www.IsPokémonGoDownOrNot.com to check whether Pokémon Go’s servers are up or down. The website has tools to track Pokémon Go’s server availability, and login wait time, to follow when the Nintendo game’s servers are functioning correctly, or having issues. Thankfully, now users can get a good night’s sleep. We hope that the game won’t be dogged by any further controversies so that Pokémon Go addicts can peacefully resume catching ‘em all!


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