Pokémon Go Update: Why Are Gyms and Pokéstops Disappearing?

Pokémon Go Update
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The most recent Pokémon Go update has brought yet another problem with it as Pokémon Go gyms and Pokéstops have begun disappearing for seemingly no reason. While Pokéstop removal is a thing that can be requested now, the missing Pokéstops aren’t disappearing from locations that are asking for it! Why are gyms and Pokéstops disappearing? And can the Pokéstops removed come back? If you’re just as confused as many other players are, here are details on the nature of the missing Pokéstops and Pokémon Go gyms from some of the best Pokémon Go locations.

Pokéstops Removal Frustrating Players

Pokéstops and gyms are the two most important places to a Pokémon Go player (besides, y’know, wherever the player is currently standing), though one is a lot more optional than the other. Pokéstops serve as a means of acquiring more items, such as Poké balls, healing potions and even eggs that will contain new Pokémon. They can also have lures attached to them that make more, random Pokémon show up near the Pokéstop for a limited time. Gyms, on the other hand, are used for battling Pokémon, and while they are often dominated by the more hardcore players who have put more time into powering up their creatures, they serve as a means of acquiring Poké Coins, used to buy items without having to spend real-world currency.

Recently, there has been an increase in the amount of Pokéstops removed from the app. At first many players thought this was due to developer Niantic stating they were willing to perform Pokéstop removal if desired. But while many have taken or plan to take Niantic up on this offer, the recent string of missing Pokéstops—including some in what are considered the best Pokémon Go locations—is happening that wanted the Pokéstops to stay.

Why Are Gyms and Pokéstops Disappearing?

Three reasons are being cited for the strong of missing Pokéstops and gyms, none of which seem to bode well for their immediate return. The first is that the recent Pokémon Go update did something that caused the locations to vanish. While this reason has the least evidence supporting it, it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise to fans, given how the recent update has also put the kibosh on external sites and apps that work alongside the game.


Another possible reason that has been put forward is that Niantic is taking every removal request seriously—perhaps too seriously. Anyone can file a complaint about a Pokéstop or gym’s location, and totally make up a valid reason why it should go, and it’s possible that Niantic is taking all of them at face value. In addition, research done by fans online seems to imply that a single request or complaint is all it takes to get a gym or Pokéstop removed, and if so, it’s not wonder why so many would be disappearing at once.

Lastly, it’s been suggested that Pokémon Go gyms and Pokéstops are being removed without question because Niantic has become increasingly concerned about legal action based on some of the best Pokémon Go locations for some being a huge inconvenience for others. Recently, a New Jersey resident filed a class action lawsuit against the company and others due to players entering his private property, including his home, because it served as a Pokéstop. And while this suit may sound ridiculous to some, a Niantic loss would welcome a lot more similar cases of legal action.

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