Pokémon Go Update: Do Maps, Trackers or Scanners Work Anymore?

Pokémon Go Map
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The world is losing its mind after the latest Pokémon Go Update! Recently, the new update of Pokémon Go has disabled certain functional features in the game. The game players who are highly dependent on these functions are finding it difficult to search for Pokémon characters. If you are searching for any information related to “Pokémon Go maps,” and “Pokémon Go maps that still work” then you have come to the right place!

Pokémon Go has taken the world by the storm, and many individuals have become obsessed with this game, regardless of their age. You will find that kids, teens, adults and even senior citizens are setting out in search of their favorite Poké characters, and the Pokémon Go update has been disappointing for all the individuals who play this game.

Earlier, the game had several functional features like Pokémon Go scanners, Pokémon Go trackers, and Pokémon Go GPS spoofing. But since the latest update, players have been facing problems such as the Pokémon Go GPS not found.

Earlier, the company had disabled Pokévision and several other applications, which function with the same API. Now, it seems that the alternative to those apps is not working anymore. It appears that applications like PokeFinder, PokeScanner, Smart Poke, PokeAlert, PokeMesh, and Pokemon Go Live Map have also been disabled.


Pokémon Go GPS spoofing and Pokémon Go Update APk are not functional, and players are very disappointed because they cannot play the game without these functions. According to the Pokémon Go developers, a thread on a discussion forum suggests that Ninatic increased their minimum delay. Hence, any map or scanner, which relied heavily on five seconds won’t work anymore.

Additionally, there are several other problems, including the API declining requests from sources that are not their actual client. These updates and removal of certain features have disappointed many players. And you can bet they are all taking their frustrations out on social media.

One of the players said, “What Niantic doesn’t understand is we are on their side. I accept, there might be bots all around the place feeding on GPS frenzy. But for a simple player like me, I don’t know where to go today… I used to rely on the ‘GitHub API’ for mapping the Pokestops and gyms before I start going out.”


The developer of the game took to Twitter to announce the reason behind them removing certain features form the official website. Pokevision said, “We wish we had some news for you. At this moment, we are respecting Niantic and Nintendo’s wishes.”

Well, the story did not go down well with the users, as they expressed their disappointment and approval over several chat forums and social media pages. However, for those who are wondering if the scanners, trackers, and maps work? You may be in luck because one of the users said that the modded APK works without any trouble, but for that, you may need to create a new account.

While the several apps are still in progress, you can figure out a way to track new Pokémon using different tracking methods. Another user suggested restarting the app in order for the Pokémon to despawn. However, this trick may not work if you are hoping to find new Pokémon in your area.

Pokémon Go trainers also recommend that users use Ingress to search for Pokémon Go stops and gyms. Although the news is a little disappointing, developers are trying hard to fix this problem, so that users can enjoy the game again. In the meantime, if you find a tracker or scanner app that is still working, do let us know in the comments section below!



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