Pokémon Go Sightings Feature: What is the Pokémon Go Grass Tracker? How To Get the New Nearby Tracker?

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It looks like Niantic finally started listening to its Pokémon Go users, now that there is a Pokémon Go new tracking system available for download. In order to learn more about how to get this new update, users have been searching for phrases like “Pokémon go tracker feature,” “Pokémon go sightings feature,” and “Pokémon go nearby update.” If you want to learn more about the Pokémon Go grass tracker, then you came to the right place.

With this new Pokémon Go tracking update, fans of the hit mobile game can search for virtual monsters without any issues. As we all know, the app suffered some technical glitches after an update was requested, causing the tracking systems and maps to no longer work. This malfunction crippled a player’s ability to find Pokémon in various locations and look elsewhere for answers.

Here’s What You Need to Know

Once your Pokémon Go app updates you will see your Pokémon with a small amount of grass behind them. Many players have been wondering what this grass means. It’s just a part of the new tracking system that Niantic is releasing, after having technical issues from its last update.

The grass is actually a new kind of footprint that indicates which Pokémon are in the vicinity. The Pokémon that have grass behind them are in fact closer to you than the others. The app refreshes every 10 seconds and any Pokémon within 200 meters gets added to the list. The ones higher up on the list also appear to be closer as well, much like the old three-step tracker.


It should be noted that lured Pokémon won’t be on the list but the new updates seem to be a more precise way to track while playing. Expect the bugs to be worked out over time, as active players are still testing the new updates. After all, it’s still a better answer than the vague responses that Niantic was giving on Twitter.

Have you tried the new Pokémon Go grass tracker system? Let us know in the comments below! And check out more information on the latest Pokémon Go Sightings update here!




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