Pokemon Go “Sighting” Explained: How Do “Sightings” Work in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Sightings Explained
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Every few years the world of gaming sees a new and innovative activity that comes along and captures the imagination of players all over the world. However, even veterans of the gaming world haven’t seen the kind of unprecedented success that Pokemon Go has developed since it was released in July 2016. Though there have been bugs and certain technical issues within the game, the developers called Niantic have been working frantically to fix them. They have introduced the Pokemon Go ‘Sightings’ feature to replace the old Pokemon Go nearby panel system and fans are breathing a sigh of relief. They are asking “How does ‘sightings’ work in Pokemon Go?” Don’t worry! This is the place where you will find the Pokemon Go ‘sightings’ explained. This Pokemon Go update has been introduced to rave reviews from critics who have tried out this feature.

Hunting Pokemons

In this new Pokemon Go ‘sighting’ system, the Pokemon appear by a tuft of grass which tells you that the Pokemon you want to capture is nearby. The system refreshes itself every 10 seconds so that the list is updated continuously.  You have to get near the Pokemon and throw the ball at it to capture it. If the Pokemon shows on your mobile screen, just walk forward towards it. If it disappears just turn back and go either left or right. You have to basically ‘zero in’ on the Pokemon. It is easier to use this feature in the cities where you get 90 degrees or 180 degree turns.

Gotta Get Out

You can’t play this game sitting on your seat! You have to actually get up, go out and walk around in order to catch your Pokemon. Most of the Pokemon are around 200-300 m away. In the old three-footprint system, the Pokemon would continue to be at the ‘nearby’ place even when you had passed it, and the Pokemon would  be seen on your screen even if they were not near being found. In the new ‘sightings’ feature, what you get is what you see. If you see a Pokemon on your screen it means it is actually there! Finally, some frustration relief!

How Does The Tracker Work?

There are still some glitches in the ‘sightings’ system. Sometimes Pokemon pop up even if they are not on the ‘sightings’ readout. This is because the Pokemon spawn into multiple entities and mess with your tracking system. Some of you may be wondering, “how does the new Pokemon tracker work?”


The grass that you see on your screen tells you which Pokemon are nearby. The Pokemon that has grass near it is actually closer to you than the other Pokemon. Any Pokemon which is within 200 m gets added to your list!

Don’t Lose Your Head

The new ‘sightings’ system is not perfect but a it’s huge improvement over the previous three step tracker. Just make sure you know where you are going when you play this game. People have got so involved with this game that they have ventured into restricted areas! So, keep your head about you when you play Pokemon Go!



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