Pokémon Go Servers: Here’s the Pokémon Go Server Status; Is Pokémon Go Down?

Pokémon Go Servers
Photo: Ivan Damanik / ZUMA Press / Spla

To say that Pokémon Go has become a popular game is an understatement. The wildly successful, augmented reality mobile game has taken the world by storm, with both adults and children chasing down Pokémon characters. For obsessive fans of the game Googling, “Pokémon Go servers,” “Pokémon Go server status,” “Is Pokémon Go down?,” “Pokémon Go not loading,” and “Pokémon Go server,” don’t worry because we’ll give you all the updates you want on the Pokémon Go server status. So, why is Pokémon Go not loading and what happened to the Pokémon Go servers?

The fiasco started on the weekend when a hacker group, called OurMine, hit Pokémon Go’s login servers with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. It prevented players from accessing their accounts and logging into the game. The hacking team announced that it would continue it’s onslaught on Pokémon Go’s servers until a representive from the Nintendo game established contact with them. The group posted this message on its official website: “No one will be able to play this game till Pokémon Go contacts us on our website to teach them how to protect it!” Yikes!

If that wasn’t bad enough, OurMine isn’t the only hacker group claiming responsibility for the server hacks; a group called Poodle Corp also admitted to causing server outages, and ruining everybody’s fun. Even without the hacker controversies, the Pokémon Go creators are in deep trouble trying to keep the game afloat because of the numerous outages and glitches that have been happening since it’s launch. Over the weekend, Pokémon Go further expanded to 26 new countries. The company, Niantic Labs, tweeted out a response addressing the ongoing problems.

Understandably, the unrest and discontent among Pokémon Go addicts, has been rapidly rising, and many of them took to Twitter to express their frustration and inquiries as to what happened to the game. Players flooded social media with questions regarding whether the game was simply loading slowly or broken and whether or not they should restart.

Well, here’s some good news for those trying to figure out whether Pokémon Go’s servers are up or down. A website called www.IsPokémonGoDownOrNot.com was built by engineer fans of the game that tracks Pokémon Go’s server availability and login wait time. This allows them to track when the Nintendo game’s servers are functioning properly or having issues. Now, Pokémon Go addicts can sleep peacefully at night, knowing whether the immensely popular game’s servers are up or down.

Niantic Labs, the company behind the game, is frantically trying to keep the game online. The server outage, has not just affected the players hitting the streets in search of virtual characters, it’s causing the makers of the game financial loss, as well. Niantic is a Google spin-off that recieved investment from Nintendo. Using a virtual currency called PokéCoins, players can buy items and upgrades in the game. With the Pokémon Go servers down, players are unable to make in-app purchases and as a result, Niantic is paying the price. For the sake of the comapny, as well the obsessive players, let’s hope that Niantic labs is able to resolve the issue soon, so that Pokémon Go addicts can go and get their fix of catching virtual monsters!



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