Pokémon Go Servers Down: Is Pokémon Go Down Again?

Pokemon Go
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It’s been a crazy week for Pokémon Go, which is still the world’s most popular mobile app. Not only was there an update, controversy and plenty of comments about both, but the Pokémon Go server status has continued to fluctuate, facing issues functioning under the stress. Are the Pokémon Go servers down where you live? Are you alone in asking, “is Pokémon Go down?” Or are you assuming the problem is your phone? Here’s your Pokémon Go update for the day, including how to confirm the status of the Pokémon Go servers.

Pokémon Go Server Status

The Pokémon Go servers being down is not new, but the problem has yet to cease, even after the game was recently updated to fix the issues. Previously, the game’s developer, Niantic, was believed to be ignoring issues with the game to prioritize its availability in the parts of the world that don’t yet have it. But now that they’ve released an update to the game, the question of why they have yet to prepare more servers or improve the existing ones, remains.

If you’re not tech-savvy, let us explain. While the game is downloaded to your phone, most of the data (including which Pokémon appear and when) is held on the servers located at the Niantic office. The company has been maintaining them and providing updates and repairs when necessary. However, that means if a server has a problem and goes down, anyone who would access the game via that server (they’re usually sorted by location) can’t play. And it’s not uncommon for a server to go down when you have too many people accessing it at one time. In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of people are playing this game at the same time!

These problems began shortly after the Pokémon Go “unable to authenticate” error was a major issue for iOS users, as it was keeping them out of the game entirely due to a bug skipping an important part of the login process.


If you want to confirm if the Pokémon Go servers are down or if it’s a problem on your end, there are many sites dedicated to keeping tabs on the Pokémon Go server status for the various regions in which the game is available. IsPokemonGoDownOrNot.com is one option, as is the Pokémon GO Server Status site. Whatever site you use you track the servers, make sure that it doesn’t require you to download any software; there should be no need to, as it could mean putting your PC or mobile device at risk.

Pokémon Go Update: Niantic Responds

Less than a week ago, Pokémon Go updated to version 0.31, which brought numerous changes to the incredibly popular app. The most talked about were the changes to the ability to track nearby Pokémon, as the ability to tell proximity through the use of displayed footprints was removed entirely. Most players complained that it wasn’t working, always showing Pokémon as being the maximum distance away. Others complained they’re Pokémon Go was not loading, at all. The app also made popular sites that tracked Pokémon locations in real time unable to function. These changes caused their fair share of outrages, as finding a Pokémon on the list of ones nearby is now essentially down to pure luck.

The criticism over the reduced ability to track nearby Pokémon finally led Niantic to respond, explaining their design choices on Facebook to millions of frustrated trainers. In the post, the company explains that the footprint mechanic was disabled, “in order to improve upon the underlying design,” Niantic noted that they felt that it, “was also confusing and did not meet [their] underlying product goals,” and that they are working to make improvements to players’ ability to track a specific Pokémon.


In regards to the third-party sites that helped track them, the statement read that Niantic disliked having “limited access” to them and that they were making it hard to, “maintain quality of service.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, the response to this statement by fans has been mixed. Some were satisfied with the response and others saw it as a bunch of excuses to wave off the poor game design. Whatever the argument, it looks like the Pokémon Go servers are the least of a lot of people’s concerns!


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