Pokémon Go Server Status: Pokémon Go “Unable to Authenticate” Error? Here’s How to Solve it

pokemon go unable to connect
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Unfortunately, the highly popular Pokémon Go game continues to be plagued with problems, despite being the most popular app in the world. The most recent one to make headlines is the Pokémon Go “unable to authenticate” error message that is affecting iOS players. Is the error an issue with a Pokémon Go server? Is Pokémon Go down when this message is received?

Pokémon Go “Unable to Authenticate” Error

The newest Pokémon Go login issue prevents players who are using version 1.01 from even getting into the game. The problem only seems to happen to players with iOS devices who are trying to login through the Pokémon Trainer Club, which is a type of account tied to the official Pokémon web site, Pokémon.com.

The bug is tied to a failure on the designers’ part, as the game does not try to make an HTTP request to validate the Pokémon Go login attempt. So in reality, it’s not that that Pokémon Go is “unable to authenticate,” it’s just that it doesn’t try to.

Pokémon Go Server Problems

Unfortunately, the Pokémon Go “unable to authenticate” error is just the latest in a list of problems with the app that have left people frantically asking, “is Pokémon Go down?” Niantic (the developer) has been frantically rushing to make the game available in as much of the world as possible, and fixing errors seems to have been put on the backburner—quantity over quality, as it were.


Other problems that have left those playing Pokémon Go unable to connect include the “nearby Pokémon” feature. Many have reported that it is not properly displaying the correct distance between the player and the desired Pokémon, frequent freezes and crashes (often when in the middle of catching a Pokémon), and times when the Pokémon Go server is simply down due to the sheer number of users accessing it.

Many are concerned that the number of problems the game has been experience is deterring people from wanting to play, resulting in a significant drop in users. While Pokémon Go’s popularity is not showing any sign of decline just yet, time remains to see whether or not the problems will be addressed.

Pokémon Go Unable to Connect? Here’s a Solution

If you’re one of the iOS users faced with the Pokémon Go “unable to authenticate” error, there is something you can do to attempt to address the problem. First, locate your Pokémon Trainer Club account verification e-mail. While you should have already clicked the link in the email to verify your account, click it again and re-verify your account. If you’ve lost or deleted the email, try to log in to the Pokémon Trainer Club using a desktop computer, rather than your mobile device that shares space with Pokémon Go. And for those of you iOS users who have somehow yet to update to version 1.01, your solution is simple: don’t update the app—it will still work if you don’t—and wait for the issue to be addressed.


Of course, there will probably be at least a few instances where the Pokémon Go “unable to authenticate” error message where the servers are, in fact, down. In these instances, which can happen to both iOS and Android users, all players can do is wait it out until the servers come back up. brighside; not being able to play the game will do wonders for the life of your battery.


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