Pokémon Go Server Status Canada: Are Pokémon Servers Down in Canada?

Pokemon GO
Ivan Damanik - ZUMA Press- Splash News

It looks like Pokémon is a no-go in Canada, after recent reports that Pokémon Go server issues have plagued the White North. So, is Pokémon Go down? Since the game’s recent Canadian release, there have been a number of Pokémon server issues and things don’t seem to be improving for Pokémon Go Canada. Many Canadians have reportedly been Googling terms such as “Pokémon Go server status Canada,” “Pokémon Go servers down,” and “Are Pokémon Go servers down in Canada?”

So far the Pokémon Go server issue is still persistent in Canada, and has also made its way to the UK and Japan, as they are experiencing server complications, as well. Lately “Pokémon Go not loading” is a popular search term for Google since the issues haven’t stopped, leaving Canadians out of the loop and unable to enjoy the app-based game.

It’s official. Pokémon Go is the most downloaded game in U.S. history and is currently making millions of dollars per day in the billion-dollar mobile gaming industry! So, it’s no wonder why the game is slowing down—the more people that log on to this viral game, the slower the speed. The amount of people logging on to try and actively use the game exceeds the app’s compute capacity. Think of it like too many people being on the highway during rush hour—there’s too many cars on the road, so you can’t speed up!

This ongoing issue has led to people starting a series of threads in order to find different ways to solve the problem in the gaming community. These prolonged issues prevent Pokémon Go users from being able to “lure” their monsters because they may not have enough time until they are kicked out of the game or the game freezes while they’re playing.


An added problem for consumers is that the app’s developer, Niantic, is making money whether the game is working properly or not. This leads fans to feel cheated and used, all for the sake of companies getting richer while the game’s issues remain. Niantic has publicly addressed the Pokémon Go server status and the problems surrounding it. But what about those north of the US border? They have said that they are working on improving the Pokémon server status, Canada!

One way users have tried to help ease the pain of these constant server issues is to rely on a website that allows you to know the current Pokémon Go server status. Engineers at a New York tech startup built a new site that can give credible server statuses called IsPokemonGoDownorNot? This may come as good news to Canadians, as the site tracks user login and availability and whether the site is running smoothly or not. Creator Vianney Tran and his colleagues built the site at a cloud monitoring startup called, Datadog. A warning from the site doesn’t always mean a critical issue, such as the app crashing.

Engineers also found that Pokémon Go servers are noticeably unstable when the East Coast of the U.S. wakes up in the morning. The problem worsens as other countries are added. We hope the glitches are fixed soon so that we can all have a chance to catch em’ all!



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