Pokémon Go Perma Ban vs. Soft Ban: How to Identify & Get Rid of it?

Pokémon Go Perma Ban vs Soft Ban
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Pokémon Go definitely seems to be jinxed. From hacker groups to server issues, there appears to be no shortage of controversies surrounding the popular game, developed by Niantic Labs. In the slew of latest problems being faced by Pokémon Go gamers, Niantic Labs has begun to impose bans on certain trainer accounts. The bans are of two kinds; permanent “perma” bans and soft bans. For all the die-hard Pokémon Go fans Googling terms like, “Pokémon Go ban,” “Pokémon Go soft ban,” “Pokémon Go perma ban,” “Pokémon Go banned,” “how to get rid of soft ban in Pokémon Go?”, ”Pokémon Go permanent ban fix,” and “how long does soft ban last?”, don’t fret; we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Pokémon Go bans, perma bans, soft bans and how to avoid a soft ban in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Soft Ban

Recently, Pokémon Go players have observed that Niantic Labs has started temporarily banning some gamers who appear to have issues with their GPS. The reasons for getting soft banned may be due to suspicious activity tracked on GPS. Many players have been found cheating and using unfair means to level up in the game, using standard tricks like GPS spoofing. According to Heavy, a soft ban is similar to the “speed lock” system utilized in another multi-player augmented reality game Ingress, developed by Niantic Labs. If anyone traveled faster than 37 mph between two actions, the latter one would be unsuccessful.

How Long Does a Soft Ban Last?

Earlier soft bans lasted for anywhere from a couple of hours, up to 12 hours maximum, but a recent update has increased the duration for some cheats, making them susceptible to perma bans. Some users have reported receiving a ban for up to a whole day. So how do you know whether you’ve been soft banned? The simplest way of knowing is when Pokéstops spin and remain blue without any activity. Another method of discovering that you’ve been banned is an unresponsive Pokémon. Even after multiple attempts to hit Pokeballs at the Pokémon, it refuses to respond.

Pokémon Go Perma Ban

Niantic Labs recently posted this note to its support pages to warn players that using dubious means, may lead to a permanent ban under violation of their Terms of Service (TOS). “Your account was permanently terminated for violations of the Pokémon Go Terms of Service. This includes, but is not limited to: falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pokémon Go clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software. Our goal is to provide a fair, fun and legitimate game experience for everyone. We will continue to work with all of you to improve the quality of the gameplay, including ongoing optimization and fine tuning of our anti-cheat system. If you believe your account has been terminated in error incorrectly, you can appeal that termination through this form. For privacy reasons, please do not post appeals on social media.”


How to Avoid Soft Ban in Pokémon Go

Since soft bans are temporary, they can be reversed in a matter of few hours time. However, Pokémon Go addicts who are impatient can try a trick to avoid getting a soft ban. Find a Pokéstop, click and swipe the circle repeatedly around 30-40 times, and once the color switches to violet, the ban gets lifted. Another method is to fill in a form appealing to the developers Niantic Labs to lift the ban. Click here to get redirected to the request form.

Watch how to get unbanned in seconds here:


The simplest way, however, is to create a new account, since it has not been established whether the ban applies to defaulting IP addresses or phones. The developers of the wildly successful game, are mainly targeting GPS spoofers, bots, and emulators and apparently, third-party tracking apps and maps are safe to use, for now. The perma and soft bans have caused plenty of confusion among gamers because some users received a message, “failed to get game data from the server,” which is the same status displayed even during server problems.

Tell us your thoughts on the soft and perma bans in the comments section below. Have you been banned and if yes, for how long?



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