Pokemon Go Latest Update: The New Pokemon Go ‘Appraisal’ Feature!

Pokemon Go Latest Update
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Pokemon Go’s latest update is exactly what fans and players of Pokemon Go have been waiting for! When they were playing the game earlier, it was very difficult to decide which Pokemon to feed. After all, your ‘candy’ is precious and you can’t afford to waste it! Pokemon Go’s new update solves this problem for you. It is called Pokemon Go’s ‘Appraisal’ feature and it tells you how best to use your ‘candy’ and ‘stardust’ when feeding your Pokemons. Don’t get worried if it sounds complicated. It isn’t. We will tell explain it all for you, right here!

Why is the ‘Appraisal’ Required?

The Pokemon Go ‘Appraise’ feature enables you to view the potential strength of your pocket monsters. With it, you can decide which Pokemon to feed, using your hard-earned ‘candy’ and ‘stardust.’ It is useful for players who are training their monsters to take on gyms. Most players are still at this level of the game. Many people are asking, “Why is the Pokemon Go ‘Appraise’ feature required?” The reason is that all Pokemon are not created equal. Pokemon Go uses a set of hidden attributes called IVs to figure out the strength of each Pokemon.

All Pokemon are Not Equal

Some Pokemon can be trained higher than others. You have to be very experienced to know which Pokemon is best for your game. Most players have not acquired that level of expertise yet. For them, this latest Pokemon Go update is really a bonus. This was a problem so far, but some smart fans have created their own tools for determining the strength of a Pokemon. However, the tools put a strain on the game’s servers, so the developer Niantic has blocked them. The new ‘Appraisal’ system is simple to use so the fans won’t have cause to complain now!

How to Use the ‘Appraisal’ Feature

You have to submit your Pokemon for testing to your Relevant Team Leader (#TeamValor FTW) who will then tell you the results. Now you can find out the attack and defense capabilities of your Pokemon! This will give you an idea of how the Pokemon will fare in battle. This is how you use this feature. First select the Pokemon that you want to appraise. Then click the button on the bottom right corner with the three horizontal lines. It is the same button you use to access the menu for transferring or favoriting a Pokemon. However, instead of clicking on ‘favorite’ or ‘transfer’, you have to click on ‘Appraise’ to get the details of your Pokemon.


When you click on ‘Appraise’ a series of screens will appear where your Trainer will share details about your Pokemon and it’s statistics. Then you just have to click on your screen to advance from one screen to another. This is how you gather information about your Pokemon and it’s stats.

It’s Never Enough

Some fans are still not satisfied with the new feature. They feel that the new ‘Appraiser’ is still not accurate enough. Even Niantic accepts this and has said that they are working hard to improve the system’s accuracy. With the unprecedented success of Pokemon Go, Niantic is under pressure to keep adding value to the game. If they don’t fans will be disappointed and the game might lose its popularity. So, it is very likely that Niantic will develop new features for the game. Rest assured Pokemon Go gamers, the future looks bright!

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