Pokémon Go IV Calculator Apps: Which Method is the Best?

Pokémon Go IV Calculator Apps
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There are different ways to calculate your Pokémon’s individual values – using a Pokémon Go IV calculator app is one of the easier options. Players should be careful as PoGo developers have recognized and banned players who use IV calculators for the Pokémon Go app. However, if you’re stumped by the fear of the Pokémon Go IV ban, there are still a few methods available. If you’re searching for “Pokémon Go IV calculator reddit,” keep on reading!

How Do Pokémon Go IV Calculators Work?

Pokémon Go IV calculators work by using the Effort Values (EVs), Level and Species of a Pokémon to measure the possible Individual Values (IVs). The IVs are like genes – traits passed down from one generation to the next. The IVs include statistics like Hit Points (HP), Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack and Special Defense. By using these IV stats, players can breed the IVs to create the perfect Pokémon. This is a lengthy task to do alone, thus IV calculators have been created to make the job easier.

Why All the Bans?

As with most gaming systems, cheats are often used by a portion of players to create an advantage or disadvantage past the standards of the game, to make the experience easier or more challenging. Game developers and many players dislike cheats because they make the playing field unfair. Pokémon Go cheats became available, so many were thankful for the ban, while others continued to seek out ways to adjust the playing field. Poke-trainers be on guard; Niantic Labs, the developers of Pokémon Go, are issuing bans to players who are clearly cheating! Make good choices!

Which Apps Still Work?

Most of the best Pokémon Go IV calculator apps require log ins, so you may risk losing your account if you’re caught using them with Pokémon Go. Some of these third party apps are GoIV, IV Calculator, and GoStats. That being said, there are web based IV calculators which don’t require log ins, but you would have to manually input the individual values. Some online IV calculators include Poke Assistant, Pokémon Manager, PoGo Toolkit, and Psypoke.

IV calculator apps go against the Pokémon Go Terms of Service and pose a security risk for the player’s personal information. It’s always better to be safe than sorry… Happy gaming!




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