Pokemon Go For Apple Watch: How to Play Pokemon Go On Apple Watch?

Pokemon Go For Apple Watch
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The Pokemon Go phenomenon refuses to stop. More and more players are getting hooked on to this game, which was released this summer in 2016. Companies are now getting involved with the developers of the game (Niantic Inc.), in order to bring out applications that supplement the game. A big company that has announced that they will make applications for Pokemon Go is Apple. Pokemon Go on Apple Watch is a new feature that the company has announced. You will be able to use the application of Pokemon Go for Apple Watch by the end of the year. If you are worried about how to play Pokemon Go on the Apple Watch, don’t worry. We will tell you all about it right here!

Wonderful Supplement

Niantic Inc. gave a demo of the new feature on September 7, 2016 at the Apple media event. The actual game will have to be played on the iPhone itself, but an app on your Apple Watch will help you play the game. Users of the Apple Watch app will be able to hatch eggs, raid PokeStops and track nearby Pokemon. However, they will need their actual iPhone to catch the Pokemon. It works exactly like the Pokemon Go Plus wrist mounted peripheral.


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Better than Plus

However, you will be able to utilize a screen that will show the hatched Pokemon and this app will show more information than the Pokemon Go Plus peripheral. This facility is not available on the wrist mounted peripheral. On the other hand, the Apple Watch app will display how far you need to walk to hatch an egg, the required experience points to reach the next level and additional information on the player’s fitness. This app will also let you see when a Pokemon appears or when a PokeStop is nearby, without having to look at your smart phone.


Profits Unlimited

If this app takes off, Apple will make a killing by selling the Apple Watch. After all, according to Niantic Labs, Pokemon Go has been downloaded more than 500 million times since it’s launch earlier this year! People have walked over 2.85  billion miles while playing this game. Many have also gotten into trouble while playing this game, as they have unknowingly walked into restricted areas. Some of the players have even been arrested for trespassing! While players love the game, several people have called for a ban on Pokemon Go because they feel that it invades privacy.

Overnight Sensation

Pokemon Go has been a sensation since the day it was released. Using augmented reality, Pokemon Go allows players to hunt down, catch and power up Pokemon that are found at real life locations. Then, the player has to use them to fight for control of the Gyms, which are located at local landmarks like historical locations. The game is addictive and players often forget where they are.

Pokemon Go

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Just Hold On

People are asking “How to get Pokemon Go on Apple Watch?” That information is not available right now but will soon be, since Apple Watch is scheduled to hit stores by the end of 2016. The Pokemon iWatch is being currently developed jointly by Apple and Niantic Inc., the developers of Pokemon Go. So, just hold on, it’s going to happen soon! When the stores open on that fateful day, be the first to buy the Pokemon Go Apple Watch and play on!



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