Pokémon Go: Buddy System Release Date & Shocking News Regarding the Game

Pokemon Go
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The Pokémon Go buddy system release date has finally been set! Pokétrainers no longer need to wait in anticipation because the feature will be available in all regions today, September 7! The Pokémon Go buddy update release date is making some gamers very happy today, and we’re sure they’ve already hit the streets with their favourite Pokémon, with the goal of being the best Pokémon master! For more information on the buddy update, and other Pokémon Go update news, keep on reading!

Release Date

Since the announcement of the Pokémon Go update release date, gamers have been asking questions like, “When will the Pokémon Go update be available?” “Is the new Pokémon Go update out?” and “When is the Pokémon Go update?” Thankfully, today is that awaited-for day! Be careful when you’re out with your buddy Pokémon, and look both ways before you cross the street! Go catch ‘em all!

India Seeks a Ban

Pokémon Go is doing great in the U.S., however, reports from India say that the game is “hurting religious sentiments.” The high court in Gujarat state was required to ban the game, due to its offensiveness against millions of vegetarians. The game’s images of eggs in places of worship were apparently “blasphemous” to Jains and Hindus, and players often needed to gather supplies from temples, which were used as Pokéstops. The court has asked the game makers to respond to the charges. When news of the court’s move reached social media, it was met with many derisive comments. Pokémon Go was never officially released in India, but it seems a workaround allowed citizens to access the game, anyway.

Tojinbo Gets a Brighter Perspective

Located on the coast of Fukui Prefecture, Tojinbo is widely known as a common place for people to commit suicide. Pokémon Go has turned the environment around. Pokémon trainers have been visiting the surrounding area to catch tricky Pokémon such as Aerodactyl, Hitmonchan and Dragonite. Now, as youth and families adventure to Tojinbo in search for Pokémon to catch, the location is becoming a less-feared and is turning into a brighter place to visit.


It seems Pokémon Go has caused a lot more friction than the makers ever intended! Even so, the game is an exciting adventure for many people and the new buddy feature should make it even more authentic!

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