Pokémon Go APK 0.31: Here’s How to Download Pokémon Go APK for Free

Pokémon Go APK
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Pokémon Go APK 0.31, the latest Pokémon Go APK update, has been released and with it came a myriad of changes, both good and bad. If the talk about the new update (combined with the game’s popularity in general) has finally got you interested, you’ll be happy to know that the Pokémon Go APK download is free and that it will run better and ever! For information on downloading the latest Pokémon Go APK and what exactly has changed in version 0.31, including the big revision to maps for the Pokémon Go APK, read on.

Pokémon Go APK 0.31

Obviously, the easiest way to acquire the game is through your mobile device’s store, be it Google Play or the iOS App Store. However, if for some reason you cannot access the appropriate store (or if you’re in one of the countries that has yet to receive the official Pokémon Go launch) you’ll have to download the game elsewhere. In that case, you can download a mirror of Pokémon Go APK 0.31 from a third-party site such as APK Mirror. While your first thought may be that acquiring the Pokémon Go APK update from anywhere but the official Android and iOS stores is equivalent to piracy, don’t worry; the APK you download is the same one currently available on the store. However, there’s always a chance you’ll download one with a virus or two added in, so be sure to run a security check prior to installation. Also remember that APK is an Android file type—that’s what the “A” stands for—so for iOS users, sorry, but if you can’t get it via the store then you’ll simply have to wait.

Latest Pokémon Go APK Poorly Received

The latest Pokémon Go APK brings a variety of changes to the game, both minor and large. Aside from improving memory issues, addressing bugs and updating certain visuals, the latest version also makes it possible to customize your avatar beyond the first time you boot the game up. This gives a better balance to certain attacks and Pokémon which provides a fairer experience in gym battles (in other words, Vaporeon is a little less overpowered now).

Unfortunately, one of the big changes found in the Pokémon Go APK update has been met with harsh criticism. Prior to the update, the game’s tracking system allowed you to see how close a nearby Pokémon was by the number of footprints beside its image; three meant you were a fair distance away, one meant you were closing in and zero meant you were right on top of it. Unfortunately, the feature was bugged and didn’t work more often than not, showing three footprints regardless of proximity.


Instead of fixing the bug, the footprints have now been removed completely. And to make matters worse, the update also blocked third-party sites that hosted maps for the Pokémon Go APK, such as the popular PokéVision. As a result, finding a Pokémon in the wild essentially amounts to luck. While there’s a way to tell which on the “nearby” list is closest, that’s still a range to 300 meters to search with nothing else to go on. The change has been met extremely poorly by fans of the app, with many immediately requesting—and in many cases, receiving—a refund for all their optional in-app purchases (the Pokémon Go APK download is free, remember) on the grounds that the game is not working as intended. However, this means of getting a refund solely applies to the iOS version; users of the Pokémon Go APK on Android devices may not be as successful. It will be interesting to see if the changes to tracking stick in light of this massive backlash!


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