“Pokémon Go” APK 0.29.3: Here’s How to Download “Pokémon Go” in France

Pokemon Go
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The Pokémon Go France launch, which will start with Pokémon Go APK 0.29.3, is almost here and the country’s Pokémaniacs are surely chomping at the bit to play the game that has taken the world by storm. There are many who are already enjoying the game via a Pokémon Go APK mirror, but those waiting (even during the official delay) are being advised about potential concerns the app raises, given recent events in the country. Questions are obviously arising; Is the Pokemon Go APK download free? Is the Pokémon Go APK download safe for residents of France? And how do you get the game in the first place? Here’s more information, even for those that don’t parle français.

Pokémon Go France Concerns

Pokémon Go is, of course, the incredibly popular app that lets you capture Nintendo’s famous creatures on your mobile device and in real life through “augmented reality.” Capture is performed by first finding a Pokémon, which requires actually going outside and looking for it. Upon discovery, the Pokémon appears on your phone’s camera, with the real world behind it (though you can turn the camera off—it’s a real battery-guzzler). You then swipe to throw Poké Balls until the creature is caught or runs away. Much like the mainline games for Nintendo’s various handhelds, Pokémon can be evolved, used to battle and, eventually traded with friends.

The game has proven popular at a level that nobody could have expected; do you see a bunch of people outside your window on their phones? There’s a good chance at least half of them are playing Pokémon Go right now. Massive crowds of people have often been seen traveling to new locations based on a new Pokémon’s supposed location.

Developer Niantic has been slowly rolling the game out across the world—Japan, the franchise’s birthplace, only got the game yesterday—and several European countries received the game last week. However, France was not among the nations to receive the Pokémon Go APK download yet. That’s because Niantic and The Pokémon Company chose to delay the Pokémon Go France release due to the July 14 truck attack in Nice. The statement released cited safety concerns stemming from how Pokémon Go has proven capable of large numbers of people to gather in search for a specific Pokémon, which can be considered a security risk. The new date the Pokémon Go APK file download would be made available in France was not announced.

Pokémon Go APK File Download

While we noted that Pokémon Go APK 0.29.3 has been getting released gradually in France and other countries, anyone with an Android device who can find that the Pokémon Go APK is free to legally download Pokémon Go, regardless of if the game has appeared in their country’s app store yet or not. Many sites that feature the authentic Pokémon Go APK mirror also contain actual illegal content, however, so you need to be careful in your search. Also, remember that while the game has micros transactions, the software itself costs nothing. So, if you find a source that isn’t offering the Pokémon Go APK download free, that should be a huge red flag.

Unfortunately for iOS/Apple users, the “A” in “APK” stands for “Android,” meaning a Pokémon Go APK file download won’t work on other devices. So, if you’re in France or another country waiting to download Pokémon Go, you’re going to have to keep waiting until the game makes its official launch in your location. We know it sucks, but just be patient! We’re sure the wait will be well worth it for you!



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