Pokémon Go 0.41.2 APK Update: When Will the Catch Bonus Update Be Available & How to Get It?

Pokemon Go
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Since the invention of Pokémon Go, more and more people have started playing it and are now hooked on the addictive game. Now that the game has become so popular, everybody desperately waits for new updates to happen.

If you have been playing the game for quite some time and are waiting for the Pokémon Go 0.41.2 APK, the Pokémon Go update 0.41.2 and the Pokémon Go catch bonus, then we have all the information you need to know about this exciting game and its updates. The new Pokémon Go update will ensure that all the players will receive a catch bonus and will be able to train up to six Pokémon at friendly gyms.These new updates help to give the players a better user experience and help to make the game much more enjoyable.

The only question that is left to be answered is: when will the new Pokémon Go update hit Apple and Android stores? Pokémon Go update news was announced by Niantic on Monday evening (October 10). Now, normally when the company makes an announcement about the upgrade, it means that the update is still under review by Apple and Android.

Take, for example, last month when Niantic announced an update on Saturday, September 10; the update was still being reviewed by Apple. Many Android users did not see the update until Sunday, and many Apple users could not see the update until Tuesday. There is no specific days or time mentioned, but roughly, it takes around three to four days for the update to hit the system.


If you want to check the APK mirror or get the update, you need to check on your Android or iOS app store for the latest update of Pokemon Go. For Android users, the update will be version 0.41.2, and for people using an iPhone, the update will be version 1.11.12.

In case your phone does not give you notifications about the new update, then all you have to do is visit your Google or Apple store page and check if the new update is out yet. If the update is available, then just download the update, and you are all set to play the game!

Just because you are not able to see the update on your phone, that does not mean your phone is incompatible. When Android releases an update, it does so in stages, which means that some areas will get the update sooner.


Also, another thing is that some players have noticed that people residing on the West Coast of the U.S. get the update first. The Midwest area of the U.S. may receive the update later. However, if somebody you know already has the update that means they have downloaded the APK version to receive the update.

The update has certainly made a big difference to the game; minor audio problems are also fixed, and evolution animation time has also been fixed. Additionally, a few other minor bugs have also been taken care of.

So, we can expect an excellent gaming experience once the update is officially out and all the Android and Apple users can download it. If you don’t have the update available on your phone right now, don’t worry because the chances are you may just have to wait for a day or two. Also, Apple generally takes two days to review the update and then the update is officially made available.

The new Pokémon Update is available at APKMirror.com for both Android and iOS versions. For Apple users, you may have to wait for a day or two before the update hits your phone. Let us hope that it happens soon, and we all can go back into playing the game soon. Happy Gaming!



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