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The Pokémon Go buddy update APK release was September 10, but many users are still waiting for their turn. If you’ve been wondering why the Pokémon Go Update is not showing up, Niantic Labs made it so only a certain percentage of users will get the update at a time, instead of allowing everyone to access it simultaneously. When will the Pokémon Go update be available for everyone? By today, September 12, all users are expected to have access to the Pokémon Go 0.37 update. If you’d like to install the update, you can follow the prompts from Apple’s App Store, or Android’s Play Store. APK Mirror’s Pokémon Go 0.37.0 link is also available to get the update.

A Decline in Players

Since Pokémon Go peaked with active users after its launch in early July, it seems the numbers have been on a steady decline. By the end of August, reports revealed statistics showing less people are playing. According to Apptopia’s data, what began as a high score of 45 million daily active players, decreased to 30 million by late August and have continued to drop. Perhaps the cause for dropped players is Niantic’s tardiness to deal with bugs in the app, and the removal of the Pokémon tracking feature.

Rooted and Jailbroken Devices Blocked

New features have been added to the Pokémon Go app to encourage users to keep playing. However, rooted Android devices and jailbroken iOS devices are now blocked from using the game once they update to 0.37! The announcement seems unfair to some players, specifically those who have rooted devices but did not cheat in the game.


What’s New?

The team behind the Pokémon Go buddy system APK released their full changelog, which includes the following items: Pokémon Go Plus support, Implemented Buddy Pokémon, easier ability to select smaller Pokémon on the screen, fixed issue with Eggs hatching without the animation, improved performance reliability during network switches, and minor text fixes.

If you’d like to update the app, you can do so following the prompts from the App Store, or Play Store if you’re using an Android device. You can also visit APK Mirror’s website for the update link.


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