Plan your Perfect Halloween Party Ideas With these 10 Halloween Party Ideas

perfect halloween party ideas
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Halloween is just one week away and if you are planning to throw a perfect Halloween party for your friends and family then it is essential that you take a look at these Halloween party ideas.


Halloween is just round the corner which means you must be all set with party props, decorations, music playlist, and food. However, to make things more easy why don’t you stick to a party theme so that preparation for food, music, and decoration will be easy. If you are confused about Halloween party food and Halloween party games, then make sure you take a look at these 10 Halloween party ideas.

Everybody is always excited and ecstatic for Halloween parties. Although we start planning for a Halloween party months in advance, all the preparations still take a toll on us until the very last minute. There are many things to take care of as the party is huge―the food, the games, the costumes, and Halloween party decorations, are just some of the things. To make things easier for you, we have listed a couple of Halloween party ideas you can choose from. With these ideas, you can make your party an instant hit.

Halloween Party Ideas

#1 Classic Medieval Theme

classic medieval halloween theme

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Almost everybody will opt for a superhero or some movie theme but if you prefer to celebrate Halloween the old-fashioned way and medieval-style, then this is the perfect option for you. Speaking of medieval times, a Game of Thrones character is the best option. So unleash your inner Khaleesi and get the party started. You can even purchase vintage looking plates and cutlery. Of course, the look would be incomplete without goblets, silver candlesticks, and swords placed on the table. For decoration purposes you can use cobwebs and decapitated heads to achieve the desired party look.

#2 Monster Party

monster party halloween idea

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The first thing which comes to our mind when the word Halloween is uttered is Frankenstein, mummies, ghosts, and goblins. Ask your guests to wear costumes related to monsters and send out spooky invitations and opt for something dark and Gothic for the decorations.

#3 Frozen Movie Theme

frozen movie halloween theme

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If you are throwing a party for kids, then this is a safe option. For all the princesses in your life, throw a Frozen movie related theme. You can get all the supplies coordinated with Frozen theme—cupcakes, drinks, and silver wands are all a part of this theme. You can even have some games to keep the kids entertained.

#4 Superheroes Theme

Photo: superheroes halloween theme

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Although this is one of the most popular themes, a superhero-themed party will never go wrong. To make this theme more interesting, you can serve cupcakes with superhero logos on them, ask your guests to wear their favorite superhero costume or mask, play some games related to superheroes and your party will be a blast.

#5 Zombies

zombies halloween themes

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With popular movies like I Am Legend and World War Z, more and more people are opting for this theme. You can even play some zombie-related music and decorate your space with washable paints, like bloody hand prints on the walls to make your party space look spooky.

#6 Graveyard

graveyard halloween ideas

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Halloween also includes visiting graveyards to get that spooky feeling. Instead of going to a graveyard, why don’t you give your house that spooky feel? Ask your guests to wear dead people costumes and make sure you decorate your space with fake coffins and graves—on which to serve drinks to your guests!

#7 Classy Hollywood Style

classy hollywood style halloween theme

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If you want to go for something subtle, then this theme is perfect for you. Dress up as Hollywood celebrities and rock the party. The most famous ones are Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton. Pick your favorite Hollywood celebrity, dress up like them and show up at the party. To make things more interesting, you can even play a game wherein individuals would imitate their character.

#8 Mummy’s Curse

mummys curse halloween idea

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Here is another favorite party theme for those who are fans of the movie, The Mummy. For costumes you just need a white cloth cut into pieces and voila your costume is ready. Just act like a scary mummy and terrorize people at the party.

#9 Harry Potter

harry potter halloween theme idea

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Harry Potter still has a huge fan following, so it would definitely be a good idea to throw a party based on Harry Potter. Dress up like Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe and play some games based on the movie.

#10 Clowns

clowns halloween theme idea

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Clowns is another favorite theme for Halloween party. Dress up like a scary clown and fill your party space with all kinds of spooky clown dolls which will definitely scare the heck out of the guests with coulrophobia (clown phobia).

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