It always seems to be raining lawsuits in the music industry. This time around, hit Colombian singer Shakira, 38, was accused of plagiarism over her popular 2010 song “Loca.” But the latest evidence brought forth by Sony’s defendants has forced a New York judge to dismiss the case.

The accusation was initially made against the Sony label in 2013 by Mayimba Music on behalf of Dominican songwriter Ramon Arias Vasquez, who claimed to have made the original song in 1998. Vasquez allegedly gave them a cassette tape with the recording of a song named Loca con su Tigurere.”

Vasquez’s cassette cover had the picture of a grown man named Jhoan Gonzalez, who would have been only nine years old when the tape was supposedly made in 1998. Despite Vasquez having a registered U.S. copyright, his evidence was rendered obsolete—the tape was deemed a fake and the copyright invalid.


In 2014, Judge Alvin Hellerstein previously found Sony guilty of ripping off the Shakira song, but the “competent and substantial proof” submitted by Sony about the fake tape has since led the judge to throw out the case altogether.

Meanwhile, defendant Barry Slotnick told Reuters that they were extremely “pleased and gratified on behalf of Sony and the real writers, El Cata and Shakira.”

Shakira’s song “Loca” had topped Latin Billboard charts, selling more than five million copies all over the world.


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